What if for 2020 you stopped holding yourself back? What if for 2020 you stopped saying “No” to things that you fear and started addressing your fears? What if for 2020 you decided to be who you are so fully and do what you do so excellently that at the end of your year instead of feeling like another year came and went, you were able to say, “I gave it my all and that was my best year yet!”?

What if instead of wondering what if, you went for it?

Who’s with me for making 2020 the best year yet? Let’s make our dreams accomplishments, tell our inner children it’s okay for them to mature and shine, and did all the things we are capable of that light our souls on fire and change not only us but the world around us. (And it’s okay if you have to work on yourself before you can even think to help the world around you! Start where you and grow from there.)

Two days remaining in this year and decade. Let’s make them COUNT not just count them down.

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