Affiliate Disclosure

If you’d like to purchase any of the software or subscriptions I use to make this blog and my business look good, flow well, and remain ad-free, I invite you to use my affiliate and referral links below.

When you purchase from these links or any I use from them on the blog, I may earn a small commission, at no extra charge to you, or we may both receive a discount or special offer at no charge to you. I only become an affiliate with a brand after using them and trusting them; and I only refer companies whose products I am fully satisfied with.

When you click on links to products for these brands, I may be eligible to earn a monetary commission.

  • Pixistock – Styled Stock Photography.
    • From the banners to featured images to graphics and printable books, Pixistock is all over this site! I use Alicia’s and her team’s graphics, templates, and training to show up better for all of you who stop by to read. She has everything from social media post templates to client onboarding and offboarding templates. If you are looking to increase your overall look, stop by her site today and check out the deals. As a Lifetime Member, I am always blown away at how much value Alicia offers all of us who have invested in her. We have one heck of a deal! Verify which services are available outside of the yearly and lifetime memberships, as the offerings do change with how long you are committing to membership, as it should.
  • Well-Styled Essentials – Styled Stock Photography for bloggers and Young Living Brand Partners.
    • Alex does a wonderful job sharing Young Living products and stock photography. I use her photos on the Young Living posts and many of the diffuser blend graphics I create personally. I also use the stock photography from time to time. I am a yearly member with her because there is no doubt in my mind that I am coming back year to year with all she offers.
  • Young Living – Essential Oils and Oil-Infused Products.
    • I’ve been a Brand Partner since 2014. I’ve been using essential oils long before then but became dedicated to them in after finding the quality and variety in Young Living. We use them in our home exclusively. If you shop with my code, I offer training, answer questions, and will help you grow a business or just be a customer. Totally your choice. I don’t know if this is truly an affiliate program, but just in case, and because the point is for you to learn about the tools I use to be successful with business, I am sharing them here too.
  • Flo Desk – Email software.
    • Get for $19 / month for a year (unlimited subscribers and emails). I love how easy this software is to use. I have a background with email marketing and using professional email platforms with workflows and more. This one is easy to use, has beautiful templates, AND has landing pages available for an affordable rate! I started using this product after seeing several blogging and content creator friends using it for their newsletters. It’s a relatively young company. I am a monthly member with them at this time.
  • Free image or element from Canva – Design software.
    • I design all of my designs with my Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, which are yearly subscriptions because I know I am coming back year after year if they don’t raise their rates too high or change their offering to where it doesn’t provide the same value. You can start with a free subscription and upgrade after you feel it’s worth the value to do. I use the Pro subscription because I wanted unlimited free photos, larger storage capacity, and the branding elements includes at that level.
  • WordPress – Website and blog hosting software.
    • This one feels a little too easy! You can see that I have been using the paid subscriptions since 2018, when I launched with TheEssentialCreative and Prior that that, I used the free version with my site since 2011 (and sunset in November 2018 after this community was up and running and I no longer wanted to just blog but to create a growing community where I can have guest bloggers and really focus on excelling creatively in faith, family, business, and community.)