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While I don’t plan to post daily I know some people like to schedule when they read certain blogs. As such, here is a schedule of when you can expect to find posts on certain topics. If we post on that day, the topic will almost always be the one listed. Exceptions will occur if there is a great deal on essential oils and I want to ensure you know about it or when there is a topic burning in my heart (or a guest poster’s heart) that I don’t think can wait for the scheduled day.

The Essential Creative Community

Topic Calendar

  • Sundays – Sermons and Spoken Words
    • Sunday Sermons series: Sermons that I have found helpful that I believe span beliefs and can help you even if you don’t believe the same way I do. These speakers have a way of sharing the Bible that is educational and drives it into your life so you can act on it. Even if you don’t believe in the God behind the Bible, the principles can help you make changes you want to see in your life.
    • Sunday Spoken Word series: Spoken words that I enjoy or think opens discussions. Most will be faith-based since that is mostly what I listen to, but I will challenge myself to look into non-faith-based poetry as well.


  • Mondays – Community & Creativity Posts
    • Community Monday series: Mondays kick off community! In this series, I share music artists, authors, and other creatives I think you may enjoy learning about. It might be through an interview or just sharing what I know from reading about them. I will also share thoughts to explore together, resources I enjoy reading or listening to and am sharing in case you would like to check them out too, or a request to share your own material so I can get to know who is here and learn from you.
    • Additionally, I will occasionally post two posts on Mondays when I have some creative ideas to share that don’t fall into other categories. Creativity works its way into each element of my life so the posts that come on Mondays will be directly related to enhancing creativity in your art, whether that is drawing, journaling, dancing, singing, writing, etc. I may share posts from others as I get to know you all and learn who shares or writes posts from a creative angle in areas I am not skilled in (i.e., I listen to music and am an amazing singer while in the shower, but you DO NOT want me teaching you anything about improving singing or musicality in any way!)


  • Tuesdays – Family and Parenting
    • Recipes I have made, found, or am working on but need help with; family activities; and family-related posts such as activities you can do together or parenting thoughts. These will center around things that make home “home” – so sometimes it may even be about organization or ideas for the house, including which oils help create various atmospheres within home.


  • Wednesdays – Relationships and Life
    • Posts will center around healthy relationships, avoiding toxic relationships, living life in a way that is fulfilling versus mundane. Self-care, establishing boundaries, and other sub-topics related to our relationship with ourselves will be here as well.


  • Thursdays – Business & Miscellaneous
    • Posts will be from my professional site – where I share posts about writing and voice discovery – or specifically for this community, such as when I share about lessons I am learning and have learned about growing an MLM business and freelance business.
    • This will also be the day I share posts that don’t fall into other categories – the “catch-all day” because sometimes other ideas or topics will come to mind that still have relevance to what we are doing here but don’t fall into other categories we focus on. These could include thoughts on movies that could help to inspire us but don’t necessarily have one element (such as parenting, health, creativity) they fall under, ideas for personal development, etc.


  • Fridays – Health and Faith
    • Maybe a Rachel Hollis quote, as you will see on the FB page for the next quarter. Maybe a Bible Study or exploration of scripture. Maybe a workout I am trying or share from the trainer I learn the most from. Recipes that center around healthy options (versus Tuesdays can be comfort food, desserts, or other options that one would not consider “healthy”). I will also share wellness-related education here if it’s really good and helpful for you!


  • Saturdays – Essential Oil and Young Living Product Education
    • Product education, thoughts on oils I use and how they have helped me, training on ditching chemically laden products for healthy ones, fun activities to do with oils and oil-infused products, and ER Mixes I have created to help you see how far your money can go and give you ideas for how to spend $50 to $100 on your monthly Essential Rewards subscription. I will also share sales, monthly specials, and other incentives here for you to see in case you would like to purchase anything.


If you would like to guest post for any of these topics, Let’s Connect and discuss arrangements.

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