Topics We Post About – What You Can Find Around Here

There are a variety of topics we post about around here with a focus on helping us all create lives in which we excel in faith, family, community, and business. We don’t post on a schedule, as we never know when creativity will hit. So in 2021, we’ve removed the days from the topic calendar and will just post as ideas comes and as guests bloggers submit their posts. We are excited to see how this frees up our brains and builds a stronger community for the year ahead! (Updated March 18, 2021)

The Essential Creative – Most Popular Topics & Categories

  • Sermons, Spoken Words, Songs
    • Sunday Sermons series: This is the only topics that have a specific day of the week they will be posted on, when posted. These posts include sermons that I have found helpful that I believe span beliefs and can help you even if you don’t believe the same way I do. These speakers have a way of sharing the Bible that is educational and drives it into your life so you can act on it. Even if you don’t believe in the God behind the Bible, the principles can help you make changes you want to see in your life.
    • Spoken Word series: Spoken words that I enjoy or think opens discussions. Most will be faith-based since that is mostly what I listen to, but I will challenge myself to look into non-faith-based poetry as well.
  • Community & Creativity Posts
    • Community series: In this series, I share music artists, authors, and other creatives I think you may enjoy learning about. It might be through an interview, a fireside chat, or just sharing what I know from reading about them. I will also share thoughts to explore together, resources I enjoy reading or listening to, or a guest post from a member of the community.
    • Fireside Chats: I love our fireside chat series. This is where I talk with other creatives and entrepreneurs interview / chat style and share it with you! You can find all chats on my YouTube channel as well.
  • Family and Parenting
    • Recipes I have made, found, or am working on but need help with; family activities; and family-related posts such as activities you can do together or parenting thoughts. These will center around things that make home “home” – so sometimes it may even be about organization or ideas for the house, including which oils help create various atmospheres within home.
  • Relationships and Life
    • Posts will center around healthy relationships, avoiding toxic relationships, living life in a way that is fulfilling and faith-filled versus feeling like you are on a gerbil wheel and repeating the same day over and over and over and… you get it. Will also deal with self-care, establishing boundaries, and other sub-topics related to our relationship with ourselves will be here as well.
  • Business
    • Posts will be from my professional site – where I share posts about writing, speaking, and voice discovery – or will be ones I write specifically for this community, such as when I share about lessons I am learning and have learned about growing a MLM business, a solopreneur business, and a partnership. Because I am now working for others again as well as for myself, I will also begin sharing posts about engaging with coworkers, remote work, and other topics for the workplace.
  • Fitness (Health), Faith, and Fun
    • Could be a workout I am trying or a share from the trainer I learn the most from (Drew of Conquer Fitness United). Maybe a Bible Study or exploration of scripture. I will also share wellness-related education here that I find helpful for all of us and fun ideas I see around the internet.
  • Essential Oil Posts and Young Living Product Education
    • Product education, thoughts on oils I use and how they have helped me, training on ditching chemically laden products for healthy ones, fun activities to do with oils and oil-infused products, and ER Mixes I have created to help you see how far your money can go and give you ideas for how to spend $50 to $100 on your monthly Essential Rewards subscription. I will also share sales, monthly specials, and other incentives here for you to see in case you would like to purchase anything.

If you would like to guest post for any of these topics, Let’s Connect. For guests posts in our community, please be sure to read posts to ensure your style complements how we share information around here.

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