Creative Gift Idea #8: Spa Kit for Mom

I’m back with another idea on how you can bless a friend or loved one this holiday season (though the gift ideas work all year round). Have fun and enjoy the process of creating something from your heart not just purchasing a gift with your wallet.

This is a perfect gift for mom or any other spa lover in your life! My daughters get the credit for this idea, as this is what they purchased for me this year for my birthday after seeing how happy I was when I won a prize from my friend Priscilla, who was doing a giveaway. The prize included a hand-lettered card and five face masks. I was so excited about winning that my daughters thought it would be a really nice gift for my birthday. I agreed with them!


What You Will Need

  • 3-5 Face masks
  • 1 nail brush set
  • 1 nail polish
  • 1 body lotion
  • 1 small basket

We purchased all items at the Dollar Store other than 3 face masks that we purchased from Wal-Mart. All items were $1.00 each. You can find the face masks in the beauty section at most Wal-Marts in a nice set up at the end of the aisle.

What You Will Do

Place the items neatly in the basket. If you have to, open up the brush kit.

Feel free to add or substitute items based upon what you know your mom or friend


  1. My sister did something like this for me a few years ago. She also taped little notes to each item, which I thought was a nice touch.
    Great suggestion for an inexpensive and personal gift!

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    1. The note idea is great! I think it’s such a cute and quick gift. My little one is 10 and she did it this past birthday for me and was so proud of herself because she spent her own money to buy them. It’s a wonderful gift from littles to their parents because they feel so proud of themselves for buying it with their own money. But then it’s also a nice gesture from family member to family member because who doesn’t love face masks?! ❤️💜


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