Sunday Sermon Series: “Savage Jesus” from Elevation Church (Sermons 1 – 6)

In this new series that I will post on Sundays, I will share a sermon or sermon series that I took a lot from. Ones that are filled with nuggets that empower you to make changes in your life, understand the Bible better, or increase your faith when going through a difficult time. My hope is Christians and non-Christians will find encouragement from this series. While they are sermons, I believe even if you don’t believe in God or Jesus, these sermons I will share are worth listening to and seeing how you can apply the principles to your life. We all believe in growth, love, and becoming better at our creativity, and these sermons are delivered in ways that are enjoyable and understandable.

For this first series, Savage Jesus from Elevation Church, the pastors review the various miracles f Jesus and show that he wasn’t all about just being nice and sweet but was about changing mindsets, hearts, walks, and structures. He wasn’t here to please the culture but to impact it. Take some time to get comfortable, grab your notebook and pen (maybe a few), and prepare to listen and take notes of how you can apply these teachings to your life! Fun note: Pastor Steven planned to do this as a six-week series but it was sooooo good and there was so much meat that it ended up going TEN WEEKS! Bookmark this page, reblog it on your blog, save it, whatever you have to do so you remember to watch the ENTIRE series. There isn’t a single bad sermon and you may meet some pastors you haven’t heard of previously!

All images within this post come from Scott Brinkley on IG and Larry Hubatka on Instagram.

As of right now, I am not going to share my individual thoughts on the sermons because all of us hear what we need to take away. However, feel free to comment below if you would like to “share notes” by typing a key point or three that you got from the sermon and I will definitely share my thoughts and share with you what I took away. I don’t want to slant your angle for listening but instead share with you sermons that may be able to help you. I will however, share images of key points made as shared by the pastors on their IG or FB pages (if any are available) so you have an idea or two of what they spoke on within the sermon. I may change this later based upon your feedback, so feel free to reach out with your thoughts on how this can be most helpful to you.

Okay – enough from me…let’s get to the good stuff! Because the series is so long, I have separated them into two posts. Part 2 will post today at 2 pm EST.


Week One – Before and After – Pastor Stephen Furtick



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I knew I loved you before I met you. #savagejesus

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Week Two – Dysfunctional Comfort – Pastor Stephen Furtick



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Instant Classic.

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Week Three – Throw It Off – Pastor Micahn Carter



Week Four – Danger in the Distance – Pastor Stephen Furtick



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50 Steps of Grace

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Week Five – There’s Another Door – Pastor Stephen Furtick



Week Six – It Can’t End Like This – Pastor Stephen Furtick



Remember this IS NOT THE END! Sermons 7 – 12 and their respective graphics from Scott and Larry will be posted at 2 pm EST today. If you finish watching before then because you love them so much you binge watch them like a series on Netflix, visit the YouTube playlist for the series, which is located at the very top of this post in the first sentence (when I list the name of the series).


What was your favorite sermon so far?

What stood out most about it?






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