Shortcomings: Traps or Opportunities?

You can choose to remain trapped by your shortcomings or learn to improve them!


Just as you have to run through this waterfall to get out of the cave, there could be a lot you enjoy about deep diving into your weaknesses. Take some personality tests so you can see both the strengths and weaknesses you possess and then work on those areas where you fall short. As Creatives we can sometimes get lost in our own world and it is so important that we think of how we interact with others and how they see our traits and quirks. When you get honest about who you are, you will see how to leverage your strengths and improve your shortcomings by working on yourself daily.

If you know you hate rejection, do something that risks it! If you know you’re a procrastinator, implement scheduling tools and accountability so you’re doing bite-size pieces of a project or task each day. If you know you don’t listen well, ask people to call you to task when you wander off during conversation. In the end, you’ll be a better person and creative!

Celebrate your strengths as you work on who you are and become your best self. This will ensure you maintain balance while improving. Then you’ll be on the outside of the cave looking in.



Photo Credits to Viktor Hanacek of PicJumbo (Premium)


  1. I was watching a TedTalks recently about this topic. We all have limitations, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to allow limitations to dictate our lives. Break down those barriers and experience as much of life as possible.

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