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I share most of my poetry, creative writing, thought pieces, and professional posts on my website:

On that blog, you’ll find journaling and creative writing prompts; my creative writing; poetry; and tips on writing and journaling. I also share interviews with coaches, writers, and other professionals who live fulfilled lives daily.

I don’t publish on the professional blog as much as I publish here but that could change in the future. This is my passion and where I love to spend my time when I have extra time to write, so when I have to choose between the two, you will see me show up here more often.


In 2022, I was a coauthor of this International Best Seller, which made Amazon’s Bestseller list in 4 categories. I shared my story, Healing in the Hurt.

You may purchase the Kindle or paperback via Amazon, or choose to purchase the paperback via Samantha Hamilton, one of the coauthors who signed copies on her website. I have teamed with her so all folks who would like to purchase books from somewhere other than Amazon may do so.

In 2020, I finally published my first book under my own name. This is a story of how I learned to stop scripting tomorrow and start living in today, shared through poetry and reflections. I share my experience as a Christian, falling in love, and living this life in a way that is true to who I am and what I believe I am here to do.

You can buy it on Amazon at the link below.

In 2013, I was a contributor to this book with Sheryl L. Roush, sharing my story The Change Heard Around the Office.

You may purchase the book on Amazon.