Sunday Sermons: “The Process of the Promise” by Bianca Olthoff

I haven’t listened to this one yet, but it’s on my list of sermons to watch. I first learned of Bianca Olthoff when I heard her speak at IF:2015. I enjoyed her style and the way she presented the message. Grab a notebook, pen, and chai as you settle in to hear her talk about “The Process of the Promise”.



    1. If you can find her talk from IF:2016, oh wow!! I have the paid version because I purchased the conference so I could hear them again. It was on Lazarus. I loved the way she explains how Mary and Martha walked up to Jesus when He arrived! Brought it alive.

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      1. I watch my son play his online gaming for 3 hours at a time (he is trying to go professional). I loaded up a few of her talks to listen to tonight while I watch. I am enjoying your taste in ministry. If you get more and ever want to send something my way.. the blog email is
        my personal I check mre frequently and will gladly give it to you if you write me at the blog email first rather than posting it here.

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        1. Hi Kate, I listen to Steven Furtick / Elevation Church weekly (I am part of eFam), then I also pick two other sermons (total) right now throughout the week from the following:

          Sarah Jakes Roberts or Toure Roberts of One Church LA and Potters House Denver.

          Michael Todd of Transformation Church.

          John Gray of Relentless Church

          Or one of the speakers I enjoy such as Priscilla Shirer, Bianca Olthoff, Jo Saxton, Jennie Allen, Christine Caine.

          Sometimes I will check FB to see local pastors as well. Javier Santos of LifeWater Church in New London, CT shares some great messages that cause change. My Pastor, Brandon Whitfield of The River in Danbury, CT is amazing at bringing the word in a tangible way but doesn’t go live as often currently. There are a few others. That’s why I love doing this blog series. One is to show the variety of preachers, though admittedly I’ve purposely stayed away from some preachers who I don’t feel preach the way Jesus would. I am going to start incorporating some Spoken Word and other arts into the series as well to show that there is a lot of depth to the Christian walk beyond what’s reported about us because of closed-minded people. Being like Jesus and speaking on things He chose to speak about is how I choose to live my life. The rest is between Him and His people. ❤️💜

          If I find more from Bianca, I’ll be sure to forward your way. My email address is on all the Saturday Young Living education graphics when I share the cool images! The graphics team does a great job on those!!

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