Flash Sale for Premium Starter Kits through End of May!! Plus a BONUS!

I have to share this with you in case you’ve been wanting to go to the next level with creativity, health, wellness, or makeup. Or maybe some of you want to try a new business opportunity! In a year, I’ve only shared two off-schedule Young Living posts (usually reserved for weekends only) – this being the second. But this deal is great so I hope you’ll allow it since this doesn’t fall into faith or fitness. Check out this announcement my team shared this week!!


Have we got a deal for you! We have to take a moment to share about this exciting promo! Young Living wants to kick off the Summer with a bang and help new members getting started experience the power of Thieves! If you know me, you know just how much I LOVE Thieves Cleaner!! Being able to throw out all your cleaners and replace them with ONE that’s safe and smells amazing?! BONUS! And I know we share DIYs with using Thieves Cleaner as a base, but the best kept secret is most of us don’t always have time for all that, we aren’t usually whipping up concoctions in our kitchen on the regular. 🤣 We just grab our thieves spray bottle and get the job done!

This time of year I can think of one million reasons you need Thieves Cleaner from more dirty foot traffic in your home, to more rain outdoors and higher humidity indoors. But to be able to clean every surface-glass, counters, floors, toilets/showers, cabinets, clothing, shoes, cars, siding, outdoor equipment, you name it—and it be safe and smell good AND economical is the real treat Young Living has given us through this Cleaner!

Today through the end of May, let us help you get started with one of our many kits and YL will give YOU a Thieves Cleaner and a glass spray bottle so you can dive right in to healthy cleaning this Summer! We will also gift you with plenty of education and resources so you’ll be on your way to a new season armed with all kinds of fun and fresh ways to handle whatever the next few months hands ya! Comment or connect with us for more info!

Do you see why I am so excited? If you’re not familiar with all of our PSKs, you can see them in this post where I shared all the options. If you decide you’d like to order, reach out and I promise you won’t be left alone. We follow up with you unless you tell us not to, provide opportunities for education, and ensure you are as connected as you’d like to be! I love helping people learn more about the products and how to use them correctly as well as helping those who want to do so grow their Young Living businesses!


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