Fireside Chat with Ashley DeLuca, Email Marketing Specialist

Last Monday I recorded my longest and most business directed Fireside Chat and LOVED every minute of it! Not only did we cover a wide range of topics, but we talked about email marketing and the importance of connecting with your ideal audience. We spoke about BIG goals and some of our mentors, as well as received some advice from Ashley on what to do if you are thinking about starting your business full-time or turning your side gig into a full-time gig. We covered so much that it’s really better to listen than for me to try to tell you about it!

There were a lot nuggets in this one but what I loved most is for those of you who are blogging for income, are published or aspiring authors, are musicians producing albums for sale, etc., you will be able to listen and then implement some steps to improve your email marketing. We didn’t just tell you why you need it, Ashley told you how you can do it and ensure you are thinking along the right paths for email marketing.

Business, faith, community, and family… Ashley and I covered them all in this chat as we discussed her transition in her early 20s from corporate work to opening her business as a website designer and email marketing specialist. She shared about a big transition that started in September in which she let go of websites and is no longer going to be doing those. Any of you in that industry understand that it’s a big step of faith because websites bring in good money! I really enjoyed hearing Ashley’s advice and sharing some of my own experience as we truly had a discussion sharing experiences and creating a space where you would learn about both of us! It was my first week on my part-time job where I am again working in marketing so this was a timely discussion that was very exciting for me.

I’ll leave it here for now and be back in a few weeks to share my takeaways from the discussion and update you on the progress of that email list for my website! [Facepalm emoji would go here if I was typing on my phone.]


Visit Ashley’s website at and then stop by her social media to connect with her to learn more about taking your email marketing to the next level.

You can find her at:


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