Music & Musings: “Simple” by People & Songs — Shell Vera

I’ve decided to do the “Sunday Songs” as their original series “Music & Musings” over on my website’s blog. Since we have the Sunday Studies, Sunday Spoken Word, and Sunday Sermons here, I thought they’d be a better inspiration for me to write over there more consistently as I am probably the only writer in the world who seldom actually share my writing on my website! If you’d like to read them, I will share the post from there on here later in the evening on Sundays (or early in the morning Monday as is the case right now since it’s past midnight on the East coast). Here’s the first one I promised: “Simple” by People & Songs. ~Shell

Is receiving God’s love simple or complicated? The song “Simple” by People & Songs made me reflect on my relationship with God and my journey these past four years.

via Music & Musings: “Simple” by People & Songs — Shell Vera


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