New Book Release: “I Am Stronger than the Storm” – Out Today!

We’ve released another anthology! This one talks about the challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve risen above them despite them being strong enough to take us out. If you’d like to support the bestseller campaign, purchase your copy today. Some of our authors are brand new and that status helps the book go a bit further in searches to ensure their stories touch people who may not see it otherwise! Thank you in advance!

New Kindle Release: “The Purpose in my Pain”! Buy Your Copy Today.

I am writing today because today is a big day. I have been working with a group of 30 ladies for the past three to four months on a devotional that Dr. Tamika Hall has compiled for you. Wherever you are on your life, whatever pain you have felt (however small or big), there is something for you in this anthology. I’d like to invite you to purchase a copy for only $2.99 on Kindle today.

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