Revival Time! Join Us This Weekend

Have you felt a heaviness lately that you can’t lift?

Are you tired of just going through your days and wondering where the God you loved so much wandered off to? Or why you haven’t been able to find your way back to Him?

Do you simply need to be around others and remember what it felt like for the Spirit to move?

I may have a solution if you’re able and willing to get to Maryland this weekend!

I just learned there are some seats remaining for the “I Am Stronger than the Storm” Revival hosted by Dr. Tamika Hall’s She Wins By Faith and Work In Progress Ministries this weekend in Millington, Maryland. They have been very careful to cap attendance so all feel safe and the church isn’t filled to capacity.

I’ve seen some of the topics the ladies will be speaking on and my goodness this is going to be good! I am heading down and look forward to being in the house and seeing what the Lord is up to. I’ve been working and enjoying family and going through a lot of transition as I figure out how to do all the things I love WHILE honoring God. I have missed blogging and hope to make time this weekend to really look at my schedule and shift some priorities.

Join me to receive the encouragement you need this weekend as we hear from the speakers and enter into worship together.

Register at and be ready to dive in and go for what you expect.

Walk in ready for God to share a word. Walk in feeling broken and expecting Him to heal your heart. Walk in not knowing what to expect but knowing He will show up.

Whatever you do, walk in.

It’s free.

It’s available.

And it’s waiting for you to register today before the opportunity is gone.

If you haven’t read the book yet; it’s okay! There will be books for sale on-site I believe or you can order a copy on Amazon at the link below.

Watch Some Encouraging Talks


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