The Purpose in Pain – A Fireside Chat with Dr. Tamika Hall, Digital Media Mogul

This month, to honor Women’s History Month and the amazing women I am surrounded by TODAY who are making history, I am sharing fireside chats with Dr. Tamika Hall – Digital Media Mogul, and some of the co-authors from the devotional anthology we released February 3, 2022, “The Purpose In My Pain.” The book achieved International Best Seller status on three Amazon lists, causing us all to be thankful for the love and support around us and the blessing from God to know that this collaboration was well received.

Leading the charge for the book, Dr. Tamika Hall of Tamika Ink, She Wins, and Smell Pretty Co (to name a few!) poured her heart and time into compiling a book from women with stories to tell. As the woman who thought of this devotional anthology concept, I wanted to ask her to come on and talk about who she is and how she came to be where she is today. If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that these chats are a time of conversation that can go just about anywhere! Dr. Hall was a wonderful guest who challenged me with being able to succinctly share here what we talked about because there was just so much meat in it.

Quote by Dr. Hall from the video

I did my best to grab the key points but you’ll have to listen to the chat yourself to really take away what the Lord has for you. And when I say that regardless of your faith you will find something in this one, I mean it. We are women of God who speak from a place of Jesus Freak status but talk about VERY REAL issues and how you can find purpose in your pain. While I believe it’s harder to do without God, I also believe that there’s a reason you happened upon THIS BLOG POST on THIS DAY so there will be something said that will speak right to the pain you’ve been feeling.

Grab a drink of your choice, a notebook, and a writing instrument. Get comfortable and hit play. I know you will be better for it in an hour!

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Well… what did you think?

I watched it FOUR TIMES tonight to find the “nuggets” I wanted to harvest for this blog. I kept distracting myself with just listening and being engaged with the conversation. I have to say it was one of my favorite chats to date. Top Five for sure.

Let’s dive in!

To kick off, we discuss how sometimes God will use you to resolve that problem you keep seeing, or that problem you are having. By resolving a childhood pain through a series of uncomfortable phone calls and persistence to find a solution, Dr. Hall now helps men and women around the WORLD with a very personal issue that affects many of us. (Learn more about this at 3:28)

In true fashion of two women with BIG callings on their lives, we cover a few topics in this chat about the purpose of pain. We bring you on a journey of how Dr. Hall became who she is today and how she now empowers others to live out their dreams of sharing their voices through many platforms.

At 11:57, we discuss how far outside her world she was when God told Dr. Hall she was going to be the one to resolve her problem. God will give you the gifts and make room for you because of them if you allow Him to lead. Hear Dr. Hall clearly when she says if you can’t stop thinking about something, you may be THE ONE who will resolve it.

At 13:30, Dr. Hall shares a bit of her past and how rejection was a friend she knew well and how she had to face it to become who she is today. “The sound that you’re going to release into the earth is going to be the things that makes you most uncomfortable.” (As a side note, the quote “‘And you ask ‘What if I fall?’ Oh but my darling, What if you fly?'” is from Erin Hanson, who was 21 when she wrote those words we thought were from Maya Angelou or Dr. Suess. They are powerful words!)

At 18:54, we discuss the idea of doing one thing well versus allowing yourself to work where your gifts are and where God has called you to. Spoiler alert: It involves learning to stop caring what anyone other than GOD says about your life.

Another quote from the video.

At 24:29, Dr. Hall shares the key question in being a multipassionatepreneur who works in excellence. Listen intently!

At 25:43, we have some fun talking about old technology and begin an important discussion about how WE are the role models for our children and how we have to be diligent in being the main voice our children hear. Dr. Hall shares how she learned to become okay with being herself and the importance of paying attention to what we say around our children. “You can’t keep blaming social media for what is happening in your house,” Dr. Hall shared. We can’t allow what our kids are bombarded with from outside sources to be louder than what they hear from us and see us walk out.

Listen up at about 29:00 when Dr. Hall shares how “what you say to yourself matters.” Anyone who has been following me for any amount of time knows I LOVE neuroscience and psychology so this part of the discussion caused her to become like a kid in a candy store! (See below for the book references in this part of the conversation.)

At 34:49, we jump into a discussion on a couple of Dr. Hall’s books, starting with “The Purpose In My Pain” and then FIRST-HEARD-HERE news about an upcoming book that she is releasing on April 2. (Preorder your copy of this beautiful book here.) Stay tuned for details about the May release of Dr. Hall’s next devotional anthology, “I Am Stronger Than The Storm.”

At about 46:00, Dr. Hall shares how being shattered and having a conversation with God led to the writing of her next book, “The Bodyguard of My Heart“. I encourage you to order your copy because it sounds incredible, and the cover…pause your screen and really take it in. You heard it here first! Beyond the book, the message Dr. Hall shares about the importance of waiting for the person God designed instead of settling for what’s available today. Wait patiently, God is with you and has you covered.

At 51:00, Dr. Hall discusses how rejection led to her becoming the woman she is today. Do you see how that worked? We come full circle back to the idea of how rejection is really God’s protection. We discuss being broken versus being shattered and the importance of allowing God to bring you up from rock bottom.

If you walk away from this one not overflowing spiritually, hit replay because you got distracted.

Connect with Dr. Hall

Listen to the newly launched She Wins By Faith podcast here.

Others’ Books & Resources Mentioned During the Chat

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  1. LOVE this chat, Shell. ❤️ Two beautiful and powerful ladies for the Kingdom of God. So many golden nuggets of truth! I loved when Tamika said, “My confidence began when I began saying no to things I did not want to do.” I relate to that a lot. We really do devalue ourselves when we don’t consider ourselves worthy enough to say no or to determine what does and doesn’t work for us through boundaries!

    “I gave myself permission to be okay with people not being okay with me.” — Amen! That’s powerful.

    I’ve shared this chat and am going to listen again when time allows. Grateful to you ladies for taking the time out to record this. It’s going to bless a lot of people, me included! Love you, Shell. You’re amazing! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Holly! You will LOVE this series sis. I have just recorded my FOURTH one tonight and…. wow. God is so powerful. I am forever thankful to Dr. Hall for how she challenged us and how she unknowingly called from within me this woman that had been sleeping for a year or so. I am still processing it all.

      When she said, “I gave myself permission to be okay with people not being okay with me.” I fell out. When I watched that back and really digested what we talked about and wasn’t caught in the moment… I was just in awe of how much as PACKED into this talk!

      Love you sis. Thank you for stopping by and supporting me as always!

      Liked by 1 person

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