The Strength You Find When Giving Yourself Permission and Time to Grieve – A Fireside Chat with Dr. Tasha Wilson

Back in March, I sat down with Dr. Tasha Wilson, a Coach who I met through a writing project at the end of last year. We discussed her chapter “H.O.P.E. (He Optimizes Pain Efficiently)” within The Purpose In My Pain: A 28 Day Devotional Written By Women of Purpose. While doing so, we cover the importance of giving yourself permission and time to grieve.

We start off discussing Dr. Tasha’s coaching program, “Unmasking the Inner Me”. Tasha’s target clients are millennial women who are ready to get deep and search under the gunk. She has lived what she teaches and works with ladies ready to dig deep and heal.

At 3:54, we celebrate Dr. Tasha becoming a Ph.D recently! We then move into discussing her chapter from “The Purpose In My Pain: A 28 Day Devotional Written By Women of Purpose.” By sharing where her title comes from and the two monumental moments of pain in her life, which taught her the power of her voice, the value of her experience, and knowing that her life has purpose, we see the storyteller come to life as Tasha encourages us.

At 7:14, we discuss the importance of using your voice, and how two people can have the same story but share it with different voices. There is so much value to the world when you show up and share your voice.

At 9:44, we talk about preparing for the anniversary of a grief-filled moment. Tasha shares a tragedy she experienced and how that prepared her for understanding the value of her voice and how to use it. Brace yourself for this story if you’ve experienced loss in your life.

At 18:08, Dr. Tasha shares how you never know the night before something happens that it is going to happen. We talk about the grief that comes when you don’t get closure with someone who is no longer in your life, either by death, divorce, or termination of a friendship. There are stages of grief and sometimes the way people want us to heal isn’t the stage we are ready to be in.

At 21:03, you’ll discover the two objects that became a pivotal part of each of us understanding their voice. Dr. Tasha shares how she felt free when she used the objects and found release and healing as she kept using her voice.

“Sometimes people get so captivated by circumstance that they don’t consider who has been impacted.”

Dr. Tasha Wilson

At 26:30, Tasha talks about being a keynote speaker at 16 because of the tragedy. And while she was using her voice, she still hadn’t tapped into the magnitude of her calling and the power within her. She shares about another tragedy that led to a come to Jesus moment. Dr. Tasha discusses how we ask for more but we don’t think about what’s involved with that. The process of getting to more sometimes involves intense pain that we never prepare for.

At 30:40 Dr. Tasha shares some tips for how to handle moving from a space of being a performer by choice to being the performance because of tragedy.

“Pain gives you permission to evolve, expand, and grow”. Learn more about this statement 37:15 and hear us further discussing how asking for more could be asking for tragedy and pain not just good things. I then talk for a really long time without breathing and Tasha shows what a good social worker she is, but it leads to a beautiful conversation about discernment at 42:15.

At 45:44 I share two resources on relationships: Dr. Darius Daniels’ “Relational Intelligence” and the Bible (try this one if you’re creative or this one if you want to study it.). As well as Step In 2 Purpose Friendship Coaching – for those who want to experience coaching on the subject.

At 49:00, we jump into mastering the inner critic. Dr. Tasha shares some knowledge that you may want to rewind and listen to over and over! The way we discuss the importance of unpacking will give you visuals for days. Don’t keep packed what needs to be put away!

“You don’t have to perfect, you have to be polished.”

Dr. Tasha Wilson

The quotes that Dr. Tasha shares in this talk… seriously. Write them down!!!

At 55:26, we close with a discussion about destigmatizing mental health assistance and ensuring you process grief thoroughly. We have all experienced grief in the past two plus years. There is no timeline for healing, it is just important to heal thoroughly, and continually.

Grab a drink of your choice, a notebook, and a writing instrument. Get comfortable and hit play. I trust you will be better for it in 55 minutes!

Wow… there was a LOT there right? Share in the comments below or on YouTube what your favorite points were.

Connect with Tasha:

Purchase “The Purpose in My Pain” through her website. You truly can find a devotion to speak to your heart in this book regardless of how traumatic or completely privileged your life has been. It really struck me how there are so many experiences in this book.

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