Get Centered Outdoors with June’s Young Living’s Gifts with Purchase

It’s been a busy few months with work but if you’ve been around for a bit you know I LOVE what I do, so please excuse my time away. I have SIX fireside chats teed up and coming to you this month with some very candid conversations, including my first ever chat that made me cry. These chats were recorded as far back as March, and I am so excited to share them with you because these women and men are on fire with passion, encouragement, and real talk!

I don’t know where my activist roots lie or if I even have them within me, but I understand more than ever how important it is for me to promote others’ experiences and be a safe space for people of all backgrounds to share their stories so folks watching and reading will know they aren’t alone. On the Fireside Chat series I’ve spoken with strong believers and atheists, with people who have it all and people who have never known that truth, with people from across the globe, and with people from various walks of life. I have been blessed by all the conversations and to know that I am trusted not just by people who think like me but by people who don’t agree with my beliefs and lifestyle yet still consider me a colleague, associate, friend, and confidant. I am thankful to have been raised to love people for who they are, where they are, and how they are without wanting them to become who I want them to be. It’s taken a long time to learn how important that is to me but as I near my 45th year of life, it’s settled it so fully that I am over the moon with appreciation for my life experience and values.

Why do I share on that with you on this month’s Gifts with Purchase post? Because this month is all about getting outdoors, getting in touch nature, and getting centered again. When you are outdoors, with your feet in the grass and your nose breathing fresh air, there is something magical that happens. Your mind and spirit just open up and connect more deeply with what you are created for. For me, it’s water and sand. For you it may be grass and dirt. Whatever your element is that allows you to connect more deeply with nature, go for it. Get out this month and play basketball. Throw some baseballs or footballs around with friends. Practice those cheers and prepare for next year’s squad goals. Run. Jog. Walk. Hike.

Get into nature.

Enjoy the outdoors.

We’re in the last month of the first half of the year. In less than 30 days, we will have have lived HALF OF 2022! Let’s make the best of it and really shine where we are this month by connecting with nature and our innermost being.

June Gifts With Purchase

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Happy Summer!

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