Sunday Studies: The Names of God

Let’s study with Dominique again this week. Today, I am sharing a study about the names of God. I love this one because my last year has been spent digging into the Word and really looking into WHO He is. We search for His hand (provision) so often but it is necessary to understand WHO He is so we can stop questioning so much and start walking it out.

I love that Dominique breaks it down so humbly and simply. Share your thoughts in her comments on the video or below!





    1. Hi Just seeing this one because it got caught within the spam filter. His highest name is Jehovah, but we see throughout scripture that God refers to Himself by many names. With your comment, are you thinking we are wrong to call Him by other names or wondering about the context of the scripture? It is interesting and when I have some time, I’ve marked this to look at context and commentary.


      1. Hello and no problem, no one is wrong at all for using the other names. Just like you may have some other names or nicknames associated with you that you might call yourself, or are ok with people calling you. Yet, their is usually one name that would clearly identify you like say the one on your birth certificate or a passport. That bible verse appeared this way when I read it. The other examples like Jehovah jireh, nissi, shalom seemed to refer to things like places or altars.

        Other verses seem like they are referring to him as a personage.

        All of this is just interesting and I just enjoy seeing others thoughts. Thanks so much for posting this and taking the time to reply.

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        1. Oh I like this train of thought! Your analogy really brings it home. I am going to jump in over the weekend to see what I think… because you bring up a great point such as to my daughters I am “Mom” and they look to me for qualities such a provisions and healing and such, though we know it comes from God through me. To a friend I am “Shell”, “friend”, “my girl”… but they may classify me as “comforter”, “encourager”… perhaps some of these “names”’of God are more qualities as well as the places, altars you mention. Oh you got me ready to jump in!!

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