Dining with the Lord: Quiet Moments with God

It is in the quiet moments of each day, when I go to the table to dine with the Lord, that I find my peace and energy. It is in these moments of conversation with God that I am refueled, replenished, and re-energized to complete my journey and fulfill my purpose. When I sit at the table and look the Lord to supply my daily bread, I am able to learn His heart.

In the Bible, He shares instructions, guidance, and stories that help me to live a better and more fulfilled life. By taking time out of each day to sit and read His Word, pray over its meaning, and ask for ways to implement what I have read into my life, I am able to become more and more like Him. Though I will never reach true perfection in this life, the more I go to the table and talk with Him, the more I am able to put away the things that don’t bring happiness, joy, and improvement to my life.

How do you dine with Lord?

Many think that dining with the Lord means setting aside hours of time. However, you may only have five minutes. These five minutes can be more powerful than an hour if you truly dedicate yourself to your task. Go before God, ask Him what He wants to teach you today, and listen for His voice. It may come in the form of a scripture that you find right away; it may come in the form of a thought that crosses your mind. It may come in the form of a line from a song coming to memory. Sometimes, it could be a person’s name whom you have to forgive or ask for forgiveness.

However the Lord speaks to you, be sure to listen. Thank Him for answering. It may happen in five minutes or it may happen in hours. God knows your availability and tolerance and will meet you at the point of your need, so don’t worry about the time so much as you worry about being sure to sit and enjoy Him. Time spent with Him is always returned in multiples, so don’t worry if you spend more than you anticipated. Just as our physical needs are met in various intervals with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack; our spiritual needs can be met with various time commitments as we go about other duties (such as eating lunch while you work) or focus specifically on the meal (such as sitting with the family to eat a nice meal).

What do you have to do today to improve your ability to dine with the Lord?

Creative picture showing a latte, with the layers each showing a way to spend time with Jesus.


  1. Shell, words cannot express to you how deeply this post touched my heart. You are so right on every level! It’s true – we can never be sorry for spending more time with the Lord. I love what you said: “Time spent with Him is always returned in multiples, so don’t worry if you spend more than you anticipated. ” — This is absolutely true! There have been days where I found myself lost in His presence pretty much all day and my to-do list went out the window. Yet, on those very days, I accomplished more than any other day. God always honors our faithfulness to just be with Him in ways we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

    I also love how you pointed out that we don’t have to set aside hours. Those 5 minutes can change our lives. It was so beautiful how you put it — God meets us at our need, knowing full well our tolerance and availability. Wow Shell, this is powerful stuff right here.

    I LOVE everything about your words, my friend. I’ve shared on social media so others can come learn from your wisdom. You are awesome! 🦋 And most of all, you are so very loved!

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