Fabricating Reality and Speculating Ideology with Nick Wettstein of HyrdokinetixPoetry

Meet Nick Wettstein, poet and musician from the City of Angels.

Come to find out Nick lived here in CT for a LONG part of his life before moving to California where he met Amanda through Instagram and caught my attention with a comment he made. Isn’t that funny how we lived less than an hour apart here in CT for an overlapping period of I’m guessing around 15 years and yet we met through IG while living at least two days away (if you drive straight through) from one another. CRAZY!

Without further ado… NICK WETTSTEIN friends!

Fabricating Reality

Stand up, flaunt

One by one, money is what they want

A façade, I see it now

Millions don’t even know who they are, disallowed

Take advice from Rafiki

Look in the water’s reflection

Before you choose the untrue perfection

So many movies, so much true advice, but so quick to be ignored

Easily cast aside in the dying dreams of wanting more

Stress, greed, the drive to compete

The rat race, keeping up with the Jones’s, and stepping on other people’s feet

Your inner soul, incomplete

These are all the burdens stuck inside you

Like needles in your feet

Calmly, patiently, remove them all

Without the fear of eyes cast down on you, stand tall

Or choose to sign the waiver

And before you go, be sure to take…

A jolly rancher, a bunch of smarties, but most of all, a life saver

Something sweet

You’ll need someone besides you to get you back on your two feet

Ignite the fire, kindle the flame

Or by the end of it all you have no one but yourself to blame

Speculating Ideology

Wouldn’t it be lovely

If all soldiers dropped their weapons?

Disobeyed their commander’s orders

Because they could see

That the person on the other side

Was a reflection of you and me

They could understand that we are all sisters and brothers

No matter the color

Nor try to seek to be ahead of one another

And weren’t convinced by propaganda

To be a part of political extravaganza

And they weren’t controlled by their slave owner

Only to become another blood donor

No matter how dark the night gets

Always remember your silhouettes

August 19, 2020


Los Angeles, CA

poem on a picture of a solider and little girl exchanging a flower

Stop by to see more of Nick’s poetry on his Instagram account. You’ll enjoy his quirky nature with some of his poems. I found myself putting my own rhythm to his words and enjoying my time looking around.

Also, in case the bio at the top was a little hard to read, here is the text:

Nick Wettstein is a full-time writer from Highland Park, California. In the recent years, he has elevated his writing from one poem a year to working on several poetry books. Wanting to challenge himself to write consistently, he is posting to Instagram and connecting with other poets, participating in prompts, and learning how it feels to write the good, the bad, and the what was I thinking! His writing comes from deep within…and sometimes from a very shallow place. However, as a person, he always looks for the connection over the “like”. He has many passions and many dislikes, having learned most of them while traveling through universities and jobs like some travel Europe after graduation. Nick is a free spirit who loves to experience the world fully and refuses to commit to being mediocre. You can find him on Instagram as @HydroKinetixPoetry.

Before You Go…

If you are a creative who would like to learn more about publishing your poetry or personal writing, Amanda Baker and I are doing a webinar on the 15t to share tips from what we learned self-publishing our own books, as well as some tips I know from years of ghostwriting. Join us.


  1. Fabricating reality had me humming an old song by the Moody Blues….which is real and which is an illusion? Anyway, memories aside, I loved the poetry. Thanks for the share.

    Liked by 1 person

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