The Difference an Inch Makes

For today’s Community Monday, I would like to share with you a blog that has quickly become one of my favorites. I love the way Kate takes real-life situations and shows us how to relate them to faith and life with God.

In The Difference an Inch Makes, she shares with us a story about something women do quite often throughout the year (get a haircut) and how it helped her understand that in life there are times we can give a little more and see greater reward for our efforts.

Because I have been reading Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect again for my yearly review, I am thinking about areas where I can make small changes and see big differences in time. Kate’s post confirmed this theme and showed me a way to relate it back to my faith.

“Where could I give a little more?”

“Where can I do a little more for myself and others?”

These questions helped me to make some changes in my schedule after reading the blog and ensure I am doing all I can with what I have. It’s been so good for me. Take some time to visit her blog and see what you think.




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