Curious About Oils?

Originally intended to be an Instagram story, our friends at Well-Styled Essentials created these great goodies for us this month! If you’d like to learn more, let’s connect or read this page to learn more.




















  1. I readily admit I am not curious about oils, but I am interested in all things Shell, so I’m here.
    I hope you are well, my friend. Have a wonderful, safe, and loving weekend.

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    1. Thank you for your support Bill! This was admittedly a lazy post to help me get back to posting more often. I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t taken time to write and post here, which isn’t good. I really enjoy coming here and interacting with people and hearing thoughts. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you and Bev have a great weekend.


  2. Hey Shell! I am a natural living nut too and love essential oils! Isn’t it amazing what God has put here for our use that can totally transform our physical & mental health, naturally?

    I’m glad you’ve shared this and I hope lots of people will try them out through your link. Sending you loads of love my friend. I’ve missed chatting with you. It has been unbelievably busy over here which is why I am so far behind. I hope to be back in the regular swing in the near future! ♥

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      1. Aw Shell! You just made my day, thank you! All I could ever hope is that my blogs touch a life. Both of yours absolutely do that in my life. Your words are always an inspiration & a blessing.

        I get exactly where you’re coming from about being busy, yet relaxed! It’s a funny feeling isn’t it? We have been identical to what you describe. Love you for being you, Shell. Praying you & yours continue to stay well! ♥

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    1. Also wanted to share these two links with you. They came to mind when I read your comment.

      I’ve had this song on repeat for the last four days. So good.

      This sermon talks about looking forward and how we don’t want to go back. I’m loving my new excellence and this time to reestablish priorities and family ties. It’s been so amazing! So many blessings! Such peace! I know that’s not everyone’s truth but I shall praise and be thankful it’s been mine!

      Have a great night my friend!!

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      1. I am going to take a look at these. Thank you my friend! I look forward to listening!

        And amen about looking forward and not back. It’s a wonderful reminder right now in my life. Old fears and wounds reared their ugly head several days in a row and it frustrated me. We can’t be healed/whole without first being broken, though. I try to remind myself of this. When our past is full of pain, it’s a process — one that is a journey for life. Onions have layers and so do we. I’m grateful for all of the healing the Lord has already done and I know you are too!

        My heart goes out to so many because their experience has not been ours at all. It’s shocking to hear some of the stories and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. As you say, we thank God that we have been blessed while remembering those who have gone through Hell. Our prayers change things!

        Have an incredible night, Shell. It’s always wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for these links. I will definitely be listening.

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