Ready to Go Plant-Based in Your Home? Your 2022 Guide to Switching from Toxin-Filled to Toxin-Free!

Are you ready to clean up your environment and make it less toxic? One of the ways to do that is to have a plant-based, toxin-free home so your environment is healthier and more conducive to productivity and wellness. Included in this post is a calendar to help you make monthly swaps over the course of a year toward a plant-based home.

Peppermint Brownie Bundle & Stress Relief Bundle | Creative Gift Ideas

Another set of creative gift ideas using Young Living essential oils. These are two of my favorites so far. I will probably say that about each one as I create the gifts and hand them out! While the ideas were given to me, I’ve been putting my own spin on them as I create them for family and friends.

I really loved giving a board game with the peppermint brownie bundle. It makes for a sweet gift for those game lovers in your life!

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