November 2021 Gifts with Purchase | How To Use Myrrh | Things To Do This Month

November is upon us… how did this happen?!

If you missed the Procrastination to Progress Challenge, last month, you can head over to my website to read the posts. There are 30 of them and they made a difference for me in getting back on the ketogenic diet, blogging daily, spending more time in prayer, and dedicating time to both my business and looking for a new job.

For now, let’s look at the essential oils that you can receive free when you make a purchase from Young Living this month!

November 2021 Free Gifts With Purchase

Young Living’s monthly gift with purchase allows you to earn rewards just for shopping your favorite essential oils and oil-infused products. Purchase products with a point value (PV)—these products help you qualify for this month’s gifts. The more you shop, the more you earn!

Give thanks for all the goodness in your life with this month’s freebies! Diffuse Gratitude™ while you write in your journal and inhale Hope™ at the start of a new morning. Welcome friends and family to seasonal celebrations by diffusing the cozy scent of Gathering™ or Believe™. Let the sacred scent of Myrrh fill your heart with thankfulness and get gratitude on the go with car air fresheners that will make errands a breeze. Plus, since Young Living and I are so grateful for you, there’s always free shipping on all orders of 100 PV or more.

Free gifts with purchase

Here are details of how you can use the oils you can receive free this month.

Need some ideas of how to earn these free gifts? I have some for you!

Visit my website at the following links to see packages I’ve already put together for you as you begin to wrap up this year with your to-do list complete and your goals accomplished.

If you modify the purchases, which you may, it could change your qualification for the free gifts. Pay attention to your PV, as that is what has to hit the levels noted on the flyer. As a reminder, if you buy products from the links above, I will earn a commission. If you already have a YL Brand Partner you shop with, visit their website to place to your order.

How to Use Myrrh

Read about 5 Unexpected Uses for Myrrh here.

Many uses of Myrrh Graphic

Things to Try This Month

Try A Gratitude Challenge

Try out this gratitude challenge from Young Living. Share your IG / blog in the comments if you’ll be sharing pictures of your challenge activities. I’ll be sure to come by to cheer you on!

Young Living Gratitude Challenge Calendar - see this link for written content.

Diffuse These Essential Oils To Help You Be More Proactive

OIls for living a more proactive lifestyle

Try these essential oils to help you. (Purchase them as part of the Proactive Living Bundle I created.)

Transformation™: Surround yourself with a scent that helps you replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts.

Peace & Calming II™: Harness your positive energy with this relaxing and comforting aroma.

Grounding™: Diffuse this scent to enhance spirituality or encourage feelings of clarity.

Sacred Mountain™: Promote feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection with this earthy aroma.

Hope™: Restore your faith and reconnect with strength and stability with this grounding aroma.

Young Living (2016).

Try These Diffuser Recipes

If you’re considering beginning your essential oil journey, you can order from my site by clicking on the link below. With Young Living’s refreshed website and ordering structure, you now can save just by ordering at least 100 PV in items OR placing any Subscribe to Save order (their new subscription service that lets you order every month, two months, or three months).

If you decide to pursue a business by becoming a Brand Partner, I will help you as much as possible to build a strong team by sharing resources and guidance. In that case, you would purchase a Business Essentials Kit ($29.95) to help you get started and we can put together a bundle to help you get the oils you would love to share versus a preselected set, which will still be available for purchase if you choose to go that route. I love the new personalized touch!

To learn more about the various diffusers, check out this post.

To learn more about getting started with essential oils, read this booklet.

When you’re ready to move forward, you can visit the link below or connect with me here.

If you need some help understanding the new platform, connect with me OR sign up for this email education series from Young Living. Visit my Young Living website.


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