Hey everyone! When I hurt my back last summer, it was a series of Yoga moves and dry needling that my Physical Therapist recommended to me that helped me heal more than 40% in 6 months. I have been learning more about yoga and have been interested in understanding it better as far as how the moves can help in various areas of life. So I reached out to Amanda Baker, an author I met recently who is a certified yoga instructor AND Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to ask her if she’d write a guest post to help us all learn how we can use yoga in these times. What she shared helped break some false statements I’d heard about it throughout my adult years. If you’re interested – read on. If you’re not, we’ll see this weekend for some cool oil education about products that are releasing Monday from Young Living!



Yoga Breathing


Inhale. 1, 2, 3, 4. Exhale, 1, 2, 3, 4.

We all know how to breathe. It’s the first thing that comes out of our mouth when we are born. It’s the most automatic thing; yet, when faced with fear, panic, threats (real or imagined) of danger, our breathing shortens. We forget. We forget how to use our lungs properly. Our body goes into ‘protective mode’ for survival. What are we trying to survive? Is it life?

How do you survive life?

How do you survive life when we are constantly thrown with things like:

  • terminal illness
  • a pandemic
  • police brutality
  • racial injustice
  • school shootings
  • natural disasters
  • stock market crash
  • mass murderers

Then add in more personally based things like:

  • an eviction
  • losing a job
  • divorce
  • loss of a family member
  • a child with a disability
  • mental health diagnoses
  • microaggressions
  • a social media scandal
  • a false spreading rumor
  • bullying
  • domestic violence
  • running out of medication
  • your car breaking down 
  • breaking a bone 

We all experience these things. Stress, heartache, worries, pain. Feelings do not discriminate. Feelings need to be acknowledged. I do not think there is a right way to do that, but when the majority of the population is conditioned to avoid, ignore, or suppress their emotions (a big one being stress) then I think we need to be open to a way that eases into it. A way that does not open up Pandora’s box and leads to a mental breakdown.

Yoga breath

I found ease in yoga. I have peace in yoga.

When yoga can take you to a place outside of your limit, you know you have conquered fear.

That does not mean that you do yoga and you never have fear. First off, you do not do yoga. Yoga is a philosophy. There are 8 limbs and just one of those limbs consists of the physical practice, otherwise called Asana. The physical practice is great and it’s what most people know of; and if you just do that then you likely have some peace too. It’s a fantastic way to unwind, energize, and also relax. Yoga also encompasses pranayama (breathing), meditation, disconnection from the senses, diet, potential enlightenment, and more. I will not go into the depths of these things, but if you take anything from this it’s that YOU can get something from yoga. From any and all of the parts. Yoga helps you accept fear. There can be and is peace in fear.

You do not DO yoga(1)

I invite you to expand your awareness by listening to one of the podcasts or videos below. I invite you to connect with your body by trying one of the postures or engaging in one of the yoga practices offered for FREE. I invite you to research, read, and inform yourself through one of the books. I invite you to clear even some of the negative thoughts and insecurities by following along with one of the breathing scripts or meditations. I have offered many of my favorites below.

It took just attending 1 yoga class 10+ years ago that in time transformed me. I hope the same for you.

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life


Yoga practice:

  • Yoga with Adriene
  • Amanda Lane – Instagram: @lunchtimeyoga
  • Beth MacMullan – Facebook: Beth Snow MacMullan


Pranayama (breathing):


  • Apps: Insight Timer, Calm, Headspace


*If you are not going to try any of these, then please try Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). It will be the best deep relaxation of your life. There are many Yoga Nidra offerings for FREE on the Insight Timer app, type Yoga Nidra in the search bar.



This guest post was brought to you by:

Amanda Baker

Purchase Amanda’s book Ask on Amazon today.



2 Replies to “Yoga for Healing & Wellness”

  1. Thank you for the kick in the butt. I haven’t done yoga for a couple years now, and I have no excuse other than life in general. Hopefully this post will get me up and moving in that direction.

    Liked by 1 person

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