Fun Family Activity: Sharpie Art (Older Kids)

Confession: I have a slight sharpie addiction. Just a minor one where I own more than 500 sharpies. (Insert face palm emoji here.) I use them for journaling, drawing (or what I like to call drawing), and Sharpie Art.

Since my daughters were younger, we have enjoyed doing pulling out our Sharpies and enjoying a few hours just coloring and creating abstract art with shapes and colors. We would throw some Magnify Your Purpose, Christmas Spirit, or Live Your Passion into the diffuser, put the music on a little louder than usual, and grab out sketch books. If it was a nice day, we’d sit on the patio. The fun thing about this activity is that you can do it almost anywhere. All you need is a canvas or some sketch paper and Sharpie markers (or other permanent markers).

You can either draw the shapes in Sharpie and see how they come together or create an outline in pencil and then fill it in. Just let your hand run free over the canvas or paper and see what you come up with! It’s really fun when more than one person works on the same canvas or piece of paper. Here are a few examples of what we came up with.

If you have friends who enjoy abstract art, they make great presents for birthdays and holidays.

There are some really great Sharpie artists online. You can learn 5 art exercises with one of them here. If you’re curious how much your final piece could sell for online, check out the Sharpie Art section of Fine Art America or Etsy.

If you need some inspiration for other craft ideas, check out these sites:

If you do the activity with your family, or happen to be a Sharpie artist, link back to this post and share your work! We’d love to see what you come up with.


  1. Confession: I have always loved coloring. Bev and I still,to this day,will sit down and color pictures from time to time. I think it shows great character,don’t you? 🙂

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    1. I do Bill! Ali and I sat upstairs coloring for three hours Sunday evening. It was unplanned and so relaxing. I love those moments. It’s actually one of my favorite memories with my mom: Coloring. I thought she was the best colorer ever as a kid.


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