Fireside Chat with My Creative Break: Making Time for Creativity

Last Thursday I was able to sit down for my first Fireside Chat in a few weeks. This one was really near and dear to my heart because it’s about creativity and making time to explore your creative side. Kim and Linda of My Creative Break and I met on Instagram about a year ago when they featured one of my posts on their page:

After that, they took the time to learn about me and help me understand what they were doing so I could engage with them and grow in my creative efforts. I enjoyed seeing their posts and talking with them via messages so I extended an invitation to come talk with me on the Fireside Chat series. They accepted but with a delay so they could get their website up and running and develop some workshops. How excited was I when they reached back out last month?! I love when it comes together perfectly, as I have NOT been super creative lately outside of journaling and a prayer book I am creating for a friend. This chat was the kick in the pants I needed to remember my creative roots and to make time for creativity.


In the talk, we discuss the ladies’ upcoming workshop to introduce members of the community to one another and to new folks who want to join! Come be a part of the festivities and have some fun with us Saturday morning. I will be there ready to engage my creative mind!


To register for the workshop, go here.

We discuss how the ladies entered into their journey to create My Creative Break as well as how you can enter your own path toward becoming more creative. While both ladies’ stories included travel, we all discussed how you can awaken your creative self even if you can’t travel (or, you know…if you’re stuck in a pandemic where traveling is hard…). The chat was so much fun and had some great takeaways for those of you who know you are creative as well as those of you who still aren’t sure.

Watch it here.



Find the ladies at the following online addresses:

Speaker Bios:

Kim is a former corporate marketing gal-turned writer, teacher and entrepreneur. After traveling the world where she met many people who inspired her to push her boundaries and get in touch with her creative side, she co-founded My Creative Break to motivate others to do the same. She invites you all to reach out to her any time!

Linda comes from the corporate world but makes it a point to also make time to be an improviser and writer. She was lucky enough to take a year-long sabbatical where she stepped into her light as a creative. After this break, she co-founded My Creative Break to motivate others to get in touch with their creative side.

DSCF6079 (2)
Comment below with your favorite part of the chat or how you make time for your creative efforts! We look forward to hearing from you!



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