Dealing with Difficulties and Emotions Using Essential Oils

Emotions…they are running rampant for many people right now. Between being stuck inside, unallowed to venture into society at the same levels we’ve been in the past, and being in close proximity to people we used to be around only a few hours between work and bedtime, those who moved from office work to remote work and school have been struggling at times to keep their emotions levels. Add to the stress and overwhelm, the individuals who haven’t seen life change much personally but suddenly have others around them all the time. It’s a perfect recipe for emotional overload. But as always, essential oils can be part of a holistic approach to managing emotions and centering yourself.

You know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell you I am NOT a psychologist or medical practitioner, so this information is meant to be shared with those you consult with on your mental health. Never stop taking meds without a doctor’s consent or being monitored by a naturopath. I believe in a whole-person approach to care and that means a mix of Western and Eastern medicine as necessary to treat the person well. We are looking to get better not be using any one solution forever.

I want to shout out Oil Revolution Designs for these great graphics that the team developed. I’m loving how beautiful and simple they are for such a powerful topic.

















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