Welcome September!

What’s Going On Over On Instagram

I shared this on Instagram today and want to be sure y’all benefit as well. If you aren’t follow me in IG and believe these would be of interest to you, go on over and follow me. I don’t share everything there that I post here, nor do I always post here what I share there.

Here’s the verbiage from my post, so you know what will be happening there:

🌾🌽 Each  day this month, I will post about specific topics and the oils the help us in these areas. I will also share books, blogs, and other resources to help you go deeper and see the harvest in these areas. 🌽🌾

Mondays – Creativity
Tuesdays – Parenting
Wednesdays – Relationships
Thursdays – Leadership
Fridays – Living Your Best Life
Saturdays – Faith

(No posts on Sundays)

As we look at ways to see the harvest come about in our lives, let’s keep our focus on faith, family, and our field. When we stay focused on these areas, all else comes together because we walk where we belong! And then our voice comes through loudly and clearly! For those writing books or needing to find their voice, check out my @EyesStraightAhead profile, where I will be sharing writing tips and thoughts on how to find your voice based upon my professional experience. That is the profile where my business and life collide and this one focuses on how you can leverage oils and faith to excel creatively and find your voice.

What You Can Expect Here On the Blog

Over here on the blog, I’ll be adding value by sharing the behind the scenes and more in- depth look at life. I’ll be doing this partially to share with you that life isn’t all filters and photoshop, to hold myself accountable for the changes I need to make during the harvest season, and to help us both grow as we harvest from the seeds we’ve sown this year! Let’s start with today.

Starting Off Strong

As I sit in this first day of September, I am starting off strong. I didn’t feel like cooking or making a big dinner because it’s hot and we’ve been busy writing, editing, and setting goals over here today in the Vera household. So we just had some guacamole and salad for lunch.

See the recipes here.

Have you set your goals for this month yet?

We realized that we didn’t meet a lot of goals for the year so far because we:

1) Didn’t hang them up where we could see them this year.

2) Didn’t do our monthly check in’s like we normally do.

3) Didn’t take time to ensure each activity we are doing aligned with goals we had.

As such, that changed this week. We wrote out our September goals and hung them up on the back of my door, where we have one of those Thirty-One Hang-Up Organizers customized for our goals and school year to keep us organized.We also added some other inspirational content to keep us focused on the goals we have.



I removed the school calendar (which is where “I will fight” is within this picture) and my daughter’s schedule (which is where the inspirational quote is within this picture) to protect the information. But this gives you an idea of how we organized things to help us stay focused.



Once we were done organizing our goals, we looked at our planners and set up some time each week to ensure we are completing activities that get us closer to those goals. Mostly this will matter for me as I am growing my business (not just the Young Living Independent Distributor side of my business where I am looking to grow my team, but my long-standing ghostwriting business in which I help folks find their voices and tell their stores through blogs, books, and business documents). But there are some elements where it matters for my little one as well, for example with her YouTube Channel and Blog. She wants to grow those but that means developing good content, so she has to ensure she is working on that weekly as well.



(Our planners are way to personal to show the insides, but here are the tools we use to make our planning fun, vibrant, and accountable for each of us. We began using these tools back a few months ago and got the new planners in June that had July 2018 through end of December 2019! To see some ideas for using your planner more effectively and making it visually appealing, check out The Happy Planner, Illustrated Faith, and TabsPlans.)

After all was done, we relaxed for a little bit. I added some Christmas Spirit into the diffuser and then checked in with my eGroup through Elevation Church.  I spent some time on Instagram and reading some blogs for personal enrichment (faith, Bible Studies, overcoming trials) and pure enjoyment (poetry, creative writing). Then it was time to get busy with a little bit of work since my daughter wanted to play Roblox for a bit. I am editing the final pieces of a beautiful devotional that I am excited for the world to see when it’s done. The author has a great way of connecting with you through his thoughts and I know it’s going to help many.

In all, what I loved about today and thinking through this next month is that it will give us a chance to see we are not alone as parents making it through this world. We all have days we ROCK and days we … well, anything but ROCK. None of us are perfect parents and we aren’t perfect business professionals. We have moments where we have to combine the worlds and get stuff done. Today felt good because I felt fully present as a parent and fully present as a businesswoman. I was able to do what I needed to do for both roles I fill while also taking time in the later evening for my faith and self-reflection. I even got to write my blogs!

Look for posts every few days and look for a real look at what life looks like as you’re growing we grow our faith, enrich our families, and build our businesses. With a little bit of fun thrown in from time to time for quotes, fun crafts, and some creative stuff as we go. Some posts will be like today where I just share real life; other posts will be more polished and will focus more on a particular aspect of this life.

Until next time,


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