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I really enjoy food. Especially a great looking dish that tastes good too. Tonight, I was looking through my Premium collections of pics from PicJumbo and came food photos that looked amazing and delicious. As I came across a certain one, I realized how creatives can process images much differently than those who aren’t creative, and Christian creatives can pretty much see a masterpiece within a paint smudge! I came across this picture of bread and suddenly I realized, “I haven’t written a community blog on Mondays in a few weeks, maybe longer. I should write one. But what will I write about?” I noticed you guys weren’t really into me asking questions nor were you into sharing about the blogs you are reading, so what else is there to do that involves Community?

I kept looking through pictures and then… I got it!


Today I am going to start a series sharing various creatives I know and enjoy so you can learn about them and perhaps find new blogs, musicians, authors, and other types of creatives you haven’t heard about already. So with that all noted… let’s jump in!

Meet Young Nation Live LLC: Tim Allen and Gabriel Martinez

I first met Tim Allen a little more than three years ago at the New London Talent Show auditions. He came out and performed a message filled with so much encouragement and life that I was curious of his backstory. I learned that he’d previously been with the show and was a local DJ, entrepreneur, and rap artist who went by the name of Tallent. As time went on, I would see him and his wife around and we got to know one another, especially after he launched the M.O.R.E. Family Breakfasts that I attended with my youngest daughter. I’ve interview Tim in the past for other publications and really enjoyed getting to know him. He is an insightful leader, committed evangelist, and true lover of Christ who believes in being like Jesus and loving on others. In the time I’ve known him, I’ve seen that he is the type of Christian I enjoy being around because the level of authenticity is 100 and there’s a deep desire to learn more and help others achieve their best.

I met Gabriel when he began attending the M.O.R.E. Family Breakfasts. He shared a spoken word that really gripped me and left me wanting him to share more. He shared his story and I quickly realized this young man would be rising to become a great leader. I don’t know Gabe as well as I know Tim but I can tell you that from day one of meeting him, I’ve felt like his family. Each time he or his wife sees me, they welcome me like I’m a cousin they love. He and his beautiful wife made quite the impression on my youngest daughter during the filming of Young Nation Live’s first video. She was so excited to have been invited to see the process live and loved how they allowed her to help cook and talked with her while hanging out after the shoot was complete.

Let’s look at some of the things Young Nation Live, LLC is doing for and in the community.

They share Bible Studies and insight on Instagram and FaceBook.

Let’s start here since this is why the picture of bread made me think of them. In John 6:35, Jesus declared Himself the “Bread of Life” (NIV). So whenever I see bread, I think of Jesus and communion. From communion, I venture on to think about friendships and people who are impacting the world for the better. I have a great mix of friends but many of them are Christian entrepreneurs and artists, so I usually start to think about them and what they are doing to help people truly learn about Jesus. There’s so much garbage out there today – mixes of watered-down Christianity and hell, fire, and brimstone – but neither helps the average human. Instead, what helps the average human is hearing the Bible taught and interpreted, seeing it lived out, and being able to reconcile the two. Both Tim and Gabe have figured out how to do that.

Here’s an example of their Instagram videos.

The Bible Studies are filled with knowledge shared and some fun times. The few times I have been able to catch it live, I’ve laughed and cried and praised all within the time we were on! I enjoy the way they teach as well as how they are honest about what they know and don’t know. Their interaction is fluid and fun.

They also share the Bible Studies to the following groups on FaceBook:

Young Nation Under God This Public group is for Tim (Tallent) and Gabe (Gabriel) to share the love of God with all who desire to join. Here you will see their weekly Bible Studies, events around the area (both ones that they will be featured within and ones that they support), and the latest news about their music and those whom they are helping. Since it is a Public group, you should be able to view the contents when you are logged into FaceBook and click on the link.

M.O.R.E. Family This Public group is for all supporters of the breakfast who want to go deeper with community. There are various posts from super conservative through more liberal in nature (speaking strictly on a Christian scale, not political). Some folks share church services, music videos, prayer requests, thoughts, update on the breakfasts, etc. Since it is public, if you sign into FaceBook you should be able to view it prior to requesting to join.

They write, engineer, and produce music.

You can listen to their album here or watch their videos at their YouTube channel. Their music has life-giving lyrics and enticing beats that get you hooked pretty quickly. Their style together and how they feed off one another is a joy to watch in the video (and when they are live). Subscribe to their YouTube channel so you can be alerted when they post new videos. Then head on over to their website to stream the album.

In addition to doing their own music, they are helping others. Tim has worked with several students during summer programs and in his free time to show them how to produce and record songs. As the two team together, I expect we will see some wonderful music start to pop up from their artists.

The video below links to their YouTube channel as does the link at the end of this post (included with other social media options).


They serve together on a breakfast ministry for the community.

Tim founded a breakfast ministry (M.O.R.E. Family Ministry) that just celebrated two years running. Gabriel came alongside him before Young Nation Live LLC was formed and started helping behind the scenes and with the order of activities. It’s been encouraging to see how the two came together and how Gabe just filled in right where it complemented Tim’s already inspiring leadership skills.

The community breakfasts have occurred once a month for the past two years and bring together folks from all denominations and backgrounds, including non-believers who want to learn more about God in a safe environment. Each breakfast includes a homemade breakfast made onsite, live music and/or spoken word poetry, a short testimony from someone who walks with the Lord currently, and a short message from Tim or another trusted and vetted minister of the Gospel. The messages have come from pastors and community members who follow Christ but don’t officially serve in a “position” of minister but are ministers due to their position with Christ as co-heirs of the throne! Tim and his team have done a phenomenal job providing this FREE breakfast and all who have attended are sure to be thankful to them all.

bread of life

Young Nation Live LLC is helping the community come together through music and food – both for the soul and for the belly. Start communicating and engaging with them today through their social media channels!







    1. Thank you! That’s great to hear! I think they have a great sound but more than that I love who they are as people and the message they send. Anyone can do music today and distribute it, but to have a life that backs up the lyrics AND to stay involved in community and giving back, that’s when you know the gifted artists from the ones just trying to become famous. Anytime I can, I like to support local artists and national artists I learn are giving back to their communities (like Dee-1, LeCrae, Casting Crowns). Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So well written, I’m glad to call you a friend and sister in the faith! Can’t wait to see how God to continues to connect us

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Tim! Truly honored to call you friend and brother too! Looking forward to what this year brings for Young Nation Live LLC and the MORE Family, as well as you two individually because of what you sow into others!


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