Fireside Chat with Tim Allen: Stepping Into Your Voice after Becoming a Christian

What a treat I have for you. I LOVE recording these chats because I always learn new things about the people I chat with, typically individuals I have a prior relationship with on some level. Tim and I have known each other for a few years from working together in the community.

Tim and I first really talked when I asked him about a post he shared that contained a link to a song with an explicit warning. I was shocked because I only knew him as the person who was in ministry and working in the community with youth, so it seemed counter to what he was doing. (As if I haven’t cursed… Oh my goodness Shell from four years ago!) I asked him some questions, he obliged with answering them and we decided to do an interview and talk about his music and the project. I loved that he educated me instead of judging me. Since that time, I have expanded my own partnerships, which previously had been mostly Christian despite my circle being much wider than that.

I enjoyed this talk because we jumped on the phone for this chat with a certain direction but I’d noted it can go anywhere once we hit record! And it did.

Grab a water, chai, or whatever you beverage of choice is and listen in as we talk about Tim’s story and how he transitioned from the secular rap world into truly using his voice to transform lives!






From the video description:

In this fireside chat, Tim Allen (TALLENT, Young Nation Live) and Shell Vera discuss what it’s like stepping into your voice after becoming a Christian. After years going hard within the secular hip hop arena and living a sold-out life that young black men are taught to live, Tim went to a meeting with a friend and started on a new path that would change the trajectory of his future. Now married with two young sons, Tim talks about his exchanging his talents as a rapper for an anointing as a Son of God.

If you aren’t within the Christian community already, this chat will provide an understanding that it isn’t a one and done deal for everyone and that what we often consider hypocrisy from the outside can be someone working through their salvation. If you are within the Christian community, the discussion on discipleship needs to be discussed. This conversation was so good, the two didn’t get to finish and get to their originally planned discussion of creativity and faith as a Christian creative!

Tim Allen is a New London musician known as Tallent, who is also one half of the hip-hop group Young Nation Live. You can find Young Nation Live at:


Curious to read the interview the two discuss? Read it on The Essential Creative, Shell Vera’s creative lifestyle blog.



Fireside Chats are a chance for creatives to discuss how we excel creatively in faith, family, community, and business. Some sound more like interviews; some are chats between friends. All of them provide something for those who need to hear the message given. Shell launches them at least once a month on Mondays through her blog and here on the channel.

You can learn more about Shell at or follow her at @ShellVera333 on Facebook and Instagram.


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