Oils & Babies

Our team at Well-Styled Essentials has done an amazing job again. And by team, we mean Alexandria. She is amazing! Here is some good info for you on oils and your little ones. Please note these were intended to be used as stories on social media, but by now you know I like to share that info with you here so you can read when you want not just within 24 hours!

For those of you without little ones, I’m giving you a bonus at 3 pm ET today – so check back for that (hint: it’s out of this atmosphere)!






Send me a Contact Request so we can discuss things in more detail.


For tips on using oils with older kids, see Babies and Essential Oils: How to Use Oils with our Kids.



If you’ve been wanting to get Premium Starter Kit, reach out to via the Contact Me form and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible during waking hours so we can get you set up!

For more info on Premium Starter Kits and the Basic Kit, you can check out these pages:

All customers who sign up with me receive follow up as desired (I ask you when you purchase your kit how often you’d like me to reach out. Then I stick to that by either following up monthly, quarterly, or yearly based upon your preferences!)

People who want to build businesses can tell me and I will train you just as my team has trained me. I belong to a super supportive team of wonderful people who do this full time and truly live the oily life! We all love oils and training others how to reach their goals through creative and healthy living! Many, like me, also have a complimentary career where we help people live their best lives! If you’re interested, just let me know.

I love being a Young Living member. I save 24% on all their prices and get first news when new products are released. I am able to keep my house clean with natural, toxic-free products; wear makeup that doesn’t contain ingredients I can’t pronounce; take the best vitamins and supplements I’ve ever used; and so much more. They have so much more than just oils!

I look forward to talking with you if you’d like to join! And for those who don’t, the posts are varied on the blog but this time of year I do promote the Young Living products a bit more often to ensure you learn what you’d like to learn. If there are ones you’d like to know more about, let me know!!


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