August: A month of change

Over on Instagram, I have shared some keys for change to help us make August a great transition month for stepping into the last quarter of the year, which is going to be upon us before we realize it. As we hit the unofficial end of Summer next weekend, and as I have looked back over the past, I realize how fast this year is flying by. Anyone else?

I’ve been spending a lot of time journaling about the changes I desire to make to fully step into my purpose and ensure my daughter and I have the life we want. As I have been doing this, I have been thinking about y’all and how this month has been going for you.

What changes have you made? Have you been following the IG posts and implementing the ideas? If so, which ones were the most impactful so far?

I know we all have these ideals of where our life should be and what our schedules should like, but we have to be honest that we are never really going to get there if we don’t make changes. As I have been implementing changes, I have been diffusing Elemi, Oola Field, Oola Finance, Frankincense, and Oola Grow more often. These are the oils that I love to smell when I am thinking about the areas in which I have to be more focused and ensure I am spending more time working toward goals than goofing off and having fun – though I totally have fun working on my goals when focused!

I sat down last night and looked at my goals for the year to evaluate my progress so far. I was supposed to be doing this each quarter but that got away from me as I have been focused on family and faith, and all that comes along with those two elements of my life. My success hasn’t been great when you look overall but has been spectacular in a few of the areas and goals that really mattered most to me.

Family – 2/4

Physical Appearance: 3/6

Intellectual: 3/7

Emotional / Mental: 3/3

Relationships: 4/6

Career: 4/6

So out of 32 goals, I have managed to progress in 19 of them really well. Some of them I am not far from reaching by the end of the year, but others I missed because they were supposed to be monthly and due to time and resources, we couldn’t complete them. I want to do better, but seeing how I was SUPER ambitious with some of the goals, I am also happy with the work I have done so far.

How are your goals coming along? Are you still focused on the ones you set at the beginning of the year, or like me did this year get away from you? This is the first year I didn’t do a vision board in the beginning of the year and as such, I haven’t had my goals in front of my each day. I believe this has been part of the problem with not reaching some of them.

I am really excited about the next four months. We have a third of year still ahead of us and we can make it count if we stay focused and work on our goals and ensure each action we take is working toward a goal. I have implemented a new rule as of today that anything I do moving forward has to be truly my best yes and be aligned with a goal I have set. The fun I have will be in the context of working toward a goal on my list. This will help me to reach my goals without having distractions, or at least without entertaining distractions.

We have a week left of this month. Let’s all make positive changes and be sure to CRUSH the rest of this year. Many people had some really rough years the past few years and have been believing 2018 will be the year that changes. Don’t give up yet if you are one of them. We still have 19 weeks to change the way it has been going!

Until next time,




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