Nine Years Ago Today: The Story that Started the Journey (The Table)

Nine years ago today I began blogging. I was reminded of the first post I wrote when WordPress congratulated me today.

I’ve since updated the story, fixing typos and adding in some elements. I think all these years later, it’s a good time to revisit it and see if anything’s changed. Maybe you’ll see an updated look at where this woman is today and how this dream would look almost a decade later.

Thanks to those of you who have been on the ride with me since I first launched Eyes Straight Ahead: The Journey Home (, and transitioned it into The Essential Creative, which became less about blogging my thoughts and more about sharing information and bringing you along with me on this journey as we excel creatively together. Going forward, it may be time to provide a mix of both and get back to showing my creative side through writing short stories, Music & Musings, Pictures & Prose, and my other fun series that I loved writing so much.

Happy anniversary to me! Here’s to many more…


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