Fireside Chat with Aspiring Beauty Influencer Delanie Garrett: Letting Your Inner Beauty Shine Through

The fireside chat this week was special to me because I have watched this young woman grow up and love that she is seeing her beauty in a new way. Since I am so NOT a woman who enjoys makeup, I thought it would be fun to sit with Delanie Garrett, an aspiring beauty influencer, to talk about what that means and learn more about her goals and dreams, as well as talk about God and beauty. Adding to the conversation that JRenee of No Honey Makeup and I had, Delanie brings a perspective from the Gen Z crew. It’s always great to see the various generations coming together in their thought patterns and aligning with believing that beauty is from within and can be enhanced on the outside.

What inspired me most to ask Delanie about doing this chat is that years ago she wasn’t this bold, vibrant girl on the outside and seeing her come into her skin and let her beauty shine through in such a fun way makes me smile and makes me celebrate her. She was always beautiful and had a great way of making you feel like you were her best friend, and always LOVED makeup, but she didn’t own it the way she does now. In fact, I was so excited to sit with her that I forgot to allow her to say “Me too” (you can’t see her saying it because she goes to mouth it but I didn’t pause)!

The sound quality is a bit shaky at times but I am learning still how to make these work best. Bear with it and let us know what you took away from the conversation.

Without further waiting… here’s the chat! See you next Thursday for the takeways from this conversation. (This Thursday will be the takeways from the John the Bap fireside chat.)


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