Slique, Strong, and Fit #6: Slique Regimen Suggestion and Q&A about Nursing Mamas

Can you believe we have made it to the end of today’s class? For those of you who came back each hour to learn more: Thank you. You are investing in yourself and for that, whether you later decide to use these items or let them be more products you learned about as you were surfing the web this year, I applaud you. So many people WANT to do better but don’t know how. My goal here at The Essential Creative is to empower you not only to express yourself creatively, but to be in the best health possible while doing it. We rise together as we learn more and expand our vision. With that said, let’s jump in to this last part of our class today.


Slique Regimen

Not sure what Slique products to take when? This graphic makes it easy for you! What are your favorite Slique products?



Q&A about Nursing Mamas


Can I nurse and take Slique products?

We have received a lot of questions and messages about nursing and using Slique products. First things first: You should always consult your doctor or health care provider and take caution in anything you are putting in your body when nursing. When you are breastfeeding, you want to make sure that any food or supplement doesn’t interfere with your milk supply and that it won’t have a negative effect on your milk quality. Every person’s body is different, so listen and decide what is best for you! Some people are concerned with keeping their supply, while others aren’t. Slique Bars and Slique Shake provide great, quality nutrition, especially when you need those extra vitamins and minerals to feed your baby! Both products contain simple, wholesome ingredients you can feel confident in using.

CitraSlim is one of our favorite products. We love it because it uses plant-based ingredients, and the active ingredient is a mixture of polyphenols. This is HUGE because most products that are this effective are filled with synthetic ingredients. The main concern you will have with this product is keeping your milk supply because it was designed to help you burn fat. Everybody is different, some people need a certain amount of body fat to produce enough milk for their baby, while some women can still keep their supply with a low body fat percentage.
Some women shed weight like crazy when nursing and others hold on to it. Take the amount of fat your body needs to product enough milk into consideration and listen your body.

CitraSlim has a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine, but it’s much less than Nitro or any soda, and it’s plant-derived. Slique Tea also contains naturally derived caffeine, and you want to take this into account when nursing. Some women drink coffee while nursing, others don’t. You do what is best for you and your baby. One trick to lessen the amount of caffeine in Slique Tea is to steep it in cold water, and once you are done, take out the tea bag and heat the water up or drink it cold! The longer you steep the tea in hot water, the more caffeine will be in your drink!

With Slique Essence and Slique Gum, listen to your body and make sure it’s not affecting your supply or quality.

We hope after reading this post you realize why there is not a yes or no answer when using these products while nursing. Everyone is different; always listen to your body and baby and talk to your doctor if you are concerned.




Ready to join? You’ll need to purchase two Slique collections, one for each month. If you purchase the Slique Complete Kit, you’ll receive two free boxes of shakes, and with the purchase of the Slique Advanced Kit you’ll receive one free box of shakes! Find the Slique collection that works best for you. If you need help, connect with me and I’ll walk you through what you need to do to participate in this challenge, especially if you aren’t already a member and need help becoming one, as there are many ways to become a member and enjoy the product discount and added benefits of membership without pressure to build a business!

Keeping track of progress is important, so refer to the Slique in 60 Challenge website for the best way to keep a video diary. Also, be sure to check out the registration packet for details on tracking weight and measurements.

Looking for a little support in your Slique journey? During this time participants can become part of an exclusive Facebook group specifically for the Slique in 60 Challenge. Here you’ll find additional motivation, support, product information, healthy recipes, and workout tips; plus you can share what’s working for you and offer support for others in the group. This year the private Facebook group will be better than ever and filled with tips, tricks and motivation to help you during the contest. You can only gain access to the group by registering for the contest, but there will also be product giveaways in the group so you will want to participate. You will receive a link in your welcome email to the private closed Facebook group.

Can I order a kit on my account and my spouse’s account to qualify for two kits? No, the kits need to be ordered through the same account.

Due to the popularity of the Slique in 60 Challenge, our Slique® line of products is currently on backorder and kits will begin shipping on January 25, pending quality testing.

Join now and start the year off feeling good!




Join us Friday for Weight Loss Tips and Tricks, including other YL products you can use while working out.

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