Sunday Sermons: “When Everything Falls Apart” by Lisa Harper

I listened to this sermon in the midst of a pretty awful year for me. I didn’t really understand why things seemed to be falling apart (though I do see now they were falling into place) and I was frustrated with lack of progress in the areas I so desperately wanted to see change. As I listened to this sermon, I gained some perspective and learned of a new teacher I have enjoyed listening to. Her expressions, her gestures, her statements, and her humor wrecked me in ways I can’t explain. Listening to it again to decide which sermon to share this week, I had to FOR SURE share this because my abs hurt right now from laughing, my eyes are absolutely disgusting with raccoon eye from my makeup running down my face, and I have more notes! This is the one that some of you may enjoy hearing today.




Recommendation: Grab your tissues; some pens; and rub a mix of peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oil (remember to add the carrier oil!) on your belly because your abs will hurt from laughing despite the hard discussion.  Keep a notebook near you for notes. And did I mention, grab tissues?




What was your takeaway from this sermon? 



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