Sunday Songs: “Simple” by People & Songs and “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi

For 2020, I will be bringing back my Music & Musings segment that I used to write on Eyes Straight Ahead (now a retired blog I refer to when I want to see how far I’ve come) by bringing you Sunday Songs. These posts will share with you a song I have been reflecting on and some thoughts I’ve had about it. Some will be L O N G and others will be short depending upon how deeply the song has impacted me or what kind of response I am having to it. Today, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of this new series by sharing the first two songs I am going to review for 2020!

Sundays will be a mix of Sunday Sermons, Sunday Spoken Words, and Sunday Songs. I may rotate them or sometimes I may share two on the same day, if they are both short. But I am going to share some of the local and worldwide talent I follow and that has been impacting my life in one way or another creatively.

Ready to jump in?

Let’s go!



My pastor sent me this song and asked for my thoughts on it. I still haven’t been able to formulate the words because so many of the lines challenge how I have been living out my faith. It has given me a few weeks of awakening as I have addressed how simple this walk with Christ really is.



Y’all this song has torn me apart inside. The first time I heard it, it brought me back to a place I’d thought I’d healed and realized I hadn’t. I have since heard it daily because it has become a favorite of my youngest daughter’s. I learned of thanks to my mom’s addiction to Dancing with the Stars (see the dance here). Then one of my non-guilty pleasures, The Masked Singer, decided to showcase the Rottweiler singing the song…my God, my God! I was in tears and finally decided to sit down and process what the song means to me. This one will be long for sure and you’ll see the side my writing where I write free-form (which I feel comes more naturally to me) versus educationally or more content-like (which takes me a LOT more effort and isn’t my strength).



Want to see links to some of my former Music & Musings posts from my old blog? Here are some where I really poured out my heart. Reading them again helped me realize how much progress I made this year emotionally by dealing with some places where I have been upset with God and where I’ve needed to let go emotionally.


What songs have affected you lately?






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