Get Started with Young Living Today – New Products Come Out Monday!

Young Living One is happening now! This is Young Living’s yearly convention. Today we released some nice new products!!! I will share Monday the new pics once I learn what is still available, as attendees get first shot at them! But here’s the starter kit options if you are interested in getting started with Young Living.

My contact information is on the graphics or you can reach me at the Let’s Connect link!


Want to just get started and not deal with humans? That’s okay to. You can access my start up link at Shell Vera’s Young Living Link. You can learn more about diffusers here.










You can learn more about the June specials here (if you’re reading this after June, it will be the month you’re in).
When folks sign up, you can let me know if you would like to just buy products or if you would like to learn about the business side. I fully enjoy both types of customers. Our team offers a lot of training and benefits, and I am a business leader who helps women develop and establishes businesses outside of Young Living as well. We pull training into our training programs that focus on both MLM and outside business practices so you can choose whether you want a stay at home, flexible business OR a full-time new adventure you run from your home! Totally your choice. I was a customer for a long time and love both sides of the organization.








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