Let’s Connect on Social Media

Are you on social media? Let’s connect and get to know one another outside of the blogosphere. I desire to truly establish community where I am sharing great ideas and being a resource of not just my own information but sharing blog posts and articles written by others, etc. To do that most effectively without breaking copyright, places like Pinterest, Twitter, and FaceBook are best. To share pictures with short thoughts, Instagram is best.

Here on the blog, I will be sharing links to activities and recipes that I find online and to blogs that I find thought-inspiring. I will share a quick blurb of my own and then link to those so we truly have a wide variety of sources to help us excel creatively in faith, family, business, and community.

Please only connect with me if you like what I post, as I am not saying let’s follow each other but never engage! I’m truly looking to share thoughts and engage with one another via social media via posts and comments.

Here’s where you can find me and a screen shot of my most recent posts so you know before you go if you would even be interested. I don’t always share my blog posts on social (terrible, I know!) so the content isn’t always the same on days I post here.

The Essential Creative Social Media

Instagram – @The_Essential_Creative

I post almost daily on this page and it’s a mix of posts about family, faith, business, and community. Sometimes it’s an essential oil recipe; other times it’s a family pic. Instagram welcomes you into my world on a daily basis. I love to engage on Instagram and schedule the most time in my day to this platform to scroll, read, and comment.



Pinterest – @The_Essential_Creative


I am new to Pinterest so you’ll see some changes here as I learn to use it more effectively and ensure I am sharing a good mix of content. I am still learning who else is there and starting to follow others who share helpful content as well as creating my own to share.

FaceBook – The Essential Creative

The Essential Creative - Facebook

Ahhh FaceBook. I share the IG posts here and this year am also going to share links to articles, blogs, and other content to help increase the community feel. I don’t like doing paid ads and feel like FB forces our hands to do so. As such, I’ve neglected building it. I mainly use FB for groups I am in since they don’t show me the business posts of pages I follow. I’m still cleaning up notifications and follow / unfollow notifications so I can have a feed I actually enjoy reading. If you follow me here, be sure to send a message on the page so I know and tell me where your blog page or business page is so I can follow you back, if you would like and have clean content I would support. I don’t tend to follow pages that only share salesy posts or that are vulgar due to personal feelings about each.

YouTube – Shell Vera


I am brand new to YouTube. I just have the one account because I won’t be posting enough videos to warrant separate channels. You’ll see the chats go live on Sunday evenings here and as the year progresses, I will also post videos on faith, family, business, community, discovering your voice, sharing your story, and writing.

Twitter – @ShellVera333


I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I enjoy what others share but I can lose time here because I find so much helpful information and love how concise the messages are. As such, I don’t keep a separate account for The Essential Creative. Instead I will share posts that deal with creativity and discovering your voice / writing here. I’ve used this account personally in the past so it goes back a bit but now I am just using it professionally and just started doing so this month. You’ll see the gap in posts if you scroll back. Content is different from what’s posted on IG and Pinterest. I don’t plan to change that right now.


Professional Social Media (Shell Vera)

In case you’re interested, you can also follow me for posts relating voice discovery, sharing your story, and writing. I am on IG, FB, and Pinterest.

Instagram – @ShellVera333



Pinterest – @ShellVera


FaceBook – @ShellVera333



I look forward to connecting with you this year and expanding this community with some great new recipes, articles, blogs, successes, business stories, Bible studies, discussions on faith, creative writing, etc. as we grow together as creatives!



(I will be sharing the takeaways from the fireside chat with Delanie next week. With the holiday I felt it would be better to share next week…and I’m still processing the conversation and how much I learned about supporting the dreams of our youth and young adults as well as how you don’t always need to talk about Jesus to love and share Him with others. I look forward to posting it next Thursday for you! In the meantime, I think you will LOVE the fireside chat coming Monday with Robbin Marx, a music producer who went from a full-time career in music to working a career to support his family and working on the side making beats. He had a lot to share and a GREAT view of the city while he took time to talk to me from his office.)


  1. ok WOW…I have so much to do. I have a twitter I use but barely interact with. I have a fb page (2 one business – not all set up yet/ 1 author page- nothing set up on it) Just got an Instagram account last week so I could follow you actually. Only have 2 personal Pinterest accounts. can I just spell it out S-L-A-C-K-E-R.
    You never cease to up my game play, motivation, and work load to be successful!
    Thank you Shell

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate, you make me smile because of your zeal. However let’s reframe this. You aren’t a slacker for not having all these things. It’s best to show up in one or two places and do it well than to be all over the place. It’s best to know where your audience is. For me, I realized this year my audience is on the various platforms but trust me when I say I will be hiring help because it’s a LOT of work to maintain each account and ensure the content is true to who I am and the quality I desire.

      The other thing is that I have been in business for a decade. When you consider that and think of how I shut down my former FB page at 10k likes and stopped using it because of how they force you to pay for people to see you, and how I’ve been less than consistent about showing up on Twitter (it’s truly random over there… but it never was business per say but me as a human – personal and professional because LinkedIn is fully professional. When we consider all of this, we can reframe your statement to “I am making great progress for only doing a year!”

      On all these notes, we’ll talk more because I’d love for you to feel empowered on each platform and there are tools to help. You actually are the inspiration behind a package I am putting together for my former and current authors to test out on social media! So please never feel like a slacker when you are building your blog and writing skills one post at a time and slowly building your reach with the social media platforms. You’re kicking butt and I’m loving what I am seeing!!


      Liked by 1 person

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