2020 Word and Scripture

Instead of doing resolutions, I set SMART goals for my year and set an intention for it based upon a word and scripture that I choose. The word and scripture are the foundation of every decision I make that year. The process I go through is rather intensive but once I have my word I know it and live by it. In the past five years, I’ve chosen:

  • 2015: Celebration, Legacy, Rebirth
  • 2016: Sacrifice, Surrender, Assembly
  • 2017: Order
  • 2018: Rooted
  • 2019: Wholeheartedly

Typically, I get to the end of the year and wonder what happened as far as my word goes… the past few years have been difficult in many ways but that’s because I’ve been doing a LOT of inner work. It’s not a walk in the park when we realize thing about ourselves and work to change them, whether they are just habits we want to change or personality deficits we decide to address. But in 2019 I expected to live wholeheartedly and finally give myself over fully to the life I committed to, and as expected: I did. The year was a difficult year filled with loss and pain, but it was also the best year of my life so far because of the changes. So much freedom has come into my life and with that, a new chance to live this life with purpose and intention. It’s been a good set up for what’s coming.

So onward we go…

2020 Word

2020 Word

This year’s word came to me pretty early in my process. I was on FaceBook and saw a post from a friend about an opportunity outside my comfort zone but that I’ve thought of doing for a few years now. I thought, “Why not?” and went for it. The turnout was really good and triggered me to think about what else there could be that I should try out and see what happens. I began doing other things that scared me and the next thing I knew, I had completely shifted my attitude and how my year was ending. By allowing myself to take chances, I was finding out exactly how capable I was of seeing my dreams become accomplishments.

I changed the “Why not?” to “Yes!” and I had my word for the year! It was really that simple this year. In no way does my word of the year mean I am going to be walked on or that I am going to allow abuse and being used back into my life. No! That will not be what my “yes!” means! But more on that in the intention section. First let’s talk about my scripture for the year.


2020 Scripture

2020 Scripture

Years ago, I had a friend I helped a lot in many ways. I enjoy giving both in emotional support and physical gifts when I feel it will benefit someone to do so. I am a giving person in general, so sometimes I don’t even think about what I am doing and how it can be seen as giving. That was the case with this friend… it just came natural to give because the person was in need. When their mom and I met for the first time, she said to me, “I pray Proverbs 11:25 over you. May God bless you for refreshing others the way you do.” It is just now, all these years later that I actually realize that what I do as a friend and professionally is refreshing for people. This year, 2020, I am stepping into this promise.

My life is blessed in many ways but there have been two areas that I dislike and want changed. This is the year that it changes because in both areas, I am generous to others. I am claiming this scripture this year and walking in it realizing that with my “Yes!” to new opportunities and tasks, new projects and ideas, I will also be refreshing others and through those same things will see myself refreshed in these two areas.


2020 Intention

2020_ Yes!

My intention for the year is to say yes to God and me in a new way. “YES!” to every opportunity that comes my way that He doesn’t say “no” to. “YES!” to living intentionally and not feeling bad when I say “no” to things that don’t align with my goals and what I believe God is saying. “YES!” to all that is on my table so nothing remains at the end of each day or at the end of the year. “YES!” to establishing goals, plans, and a vision for the year while also living fully in the moment, being present in each task wholeheartedly and excellently. “YES!” to the best version of me!

With this intention, each of my goals is an emphatic “YES!” to a future that I can proudly share with my family, friends, and tribe. It is me saying, “YES!” to my clients because the more I say “YES!” to me, the more I am able to help them improve and reach new heights. That and seeing my daughters watch me say “YES!” and seeing how God moves us from where we are in life now to where we will be is exciting because I know how our faith is always encouraged when we see others succeed and move to new heights. I am entering 2020 with anticipation for what will be and enjoying each and every moment because I am not promised any beyond this one. I am going to end each day with absolutely nothing left to give of myself so I can wake up refreshed and ready for the next opportunity to serve.

2020 Essential Oils: The “Yes! Blend”

Because I love essential oils, I wanted to be sure to share with you the essential oils I will be diffusing and wearing often this year as a support to my word, scripture, and intention. Essential oils have way of opening up my creative mind and supporting me in creating a productive environment.

This year, I will be diffusing Highest Potential and Magnify Your Purpose more often. Each blend is unique in its smell. Highest Potential has a gentle, sweet smell that helps me feel calm, creative, and encouraged. I use it often when writing because it creates such a soothing atmosphere. Magnify Your Purpose is a strong scent that smells much like a cologne. In fact, sometimes I think should I ever decide to date I will know its time because I will smell the essential oil and know I’ve found my person. (I’m kidding…kind of… maybe…). Seriously though, it’s a blend that gets you moving and puts your brain on alert for new ideas and thoughts. I diffuse it when I paint, scrapbook, create things that have me on my feet and active. Together, they create this mood that I can’t describe with words. As my friend Crystal’s little one says, “I wish I had smellivision so you could smell this.” I have it going right now and it’s simultaneously, “Ahhhhhhhh… Ooooohhhhhhhh…” and “Yes, that’s the idea. Flow with it. Crystal called it my “Yes!”! blend when I told her about them.

Yes! Blend.png

Your Word, Scripture, or Intention…

Share with me your word, scripture, or intention for this year in the comments.




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