Sunday Sermons: “Highs and Lows” – Chad Veach at Elevation Church

The Series Details

Each Sunday I will share the sermon from four weeks ago. Why an old sermon? Because I don’t want to give you notes from the one that is fresh from that morning. You have all week to listen to that one yourself and attend the replays of the service if you’d like to (just visit their website or Facebook page for details). Instead, I am going to share ones that you have possibly seen already and will maybe glean new insight from as you [hopefully] watch again and then read my notes. Or maybe you have note heard the sermon yet because you don’t attend Elevation or haven’t even heard of them, in which case, grab a beverage, a notebook, a pen or pencil, and press play below so you can listen. Then check out my notes below and see if I heard or learned something different from you.

I always love how many people can hear the same sermon but walk away with different lessons. My hope in sharing this series is that you will be encouraged and walk in power because of what you learn. If you don’t believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, I invite you to listen anyway and see what you might walk away with that makes your week a bit better or you a bit stronger.

The thing I love most about Elevation and the pastors who speak there is that they all truly love Jesus enough to let God do the heavy lifting (meaning they share what they know and love and let Him do the rest). We all become stronger and better when we can lay aside what divides us and instead stand on what unites us. Here in this community, we are all united as creatives who are trying to do better, be better, and love better, and these messages can help us do that even if we listen from different belief systems.

January 2, 2022 – Highs and Lows by Chad Veach

My Notes

Each week, I take notes in a notebook just for sermons from Elevation. I then summarize those notes in my Silk + Sonder journal. This allows me to quickly look back throughout the week at the scriptures and notes that stood out to me, while also showing me over the course of a year how various sermons spoke to me. When I go back and listen again, I see see how I’ve changed and how I am hearing new things.

Picture of my journal with notes from the sermon.

For those of you who may not be able to read my writing or see the screen well, here they are:

  • Every year has mountain top experiences and valleys of despair.
    • Ps. 23, “You are with me…”
  • Elijah – 1 King 19:8-10
    • Low for him right after a high!!
  • Focus Filter
    • Make His mind ours.
    • Focus on His promise
    • Speak scripture over life daily!
  • Four Points to Ensure Clear Focus
    • Vision from God (Gives restraint and discipline)
      • What is His plan for my year?
      • Proverbs 29:18
      • Habakkuk 2:2-3
    • Faith for Future (Ask God to help me overcome any unbelief; Mark 9:21-24)
      • Trust, Confidence, Belief = Faith
      • Faith is in God not self!!
    • A Renewed Mind (“Confidence Ritual” = speak scripture over myself)
      • God and the enemy are fighting for mind, the way we think
      • Get mind right, get life right.
      • Romans 12:2
    • Life Full of Thanksgiving (Cry out to Jesus, 10 Lepers, 1 returns)
      • Live with attitude of gratitude
      • Be humble
  • Blessing is on the other side of obedience.
  • Some additional scriptures: Psalm 7:17, 95, 9:2, and 103:1

(NOTE: The above is a referral link. If you choose to click on it and purchase the Silk + Sonder journal subscription, you may be offered a discount and I may receive a thank you for the company in form of payment since I am an annual subscriber. I am not currently an affiliate and do not earn a commission from your purchase.)

History of the Series

A few years back, I used to write a series called Sunday Sermons. I really enjoyed it because it gave me the chance to share with you some of the sermons I enjoyed while also giving you a chance to hear from some people you may not have known as well as to hear sermons that could encourage you even if you didn’t have faith. After sharing a sermon from a pastor who was accused of, and admitted, some wrongdoing, it made me step back to reflect who I was listening to. While I still stand by each sermon being very good and filled with tips we can bring to our lives, this year, I am going to relaunch the series but stick to the church I call my e-home church.

I have been attending Elevation Church weekly since they started sharing sermons online via livesteam. I found that after my daughter was born and while attending Since my daughter was a crier and would be kicked out of the church nursery for doing, it got to be a bit much to get up on Sundays, get dressed, drive to church, and deal with all the stress of going to church with a baby just to turn around and head home again. Life.Church and Elevation were doing online video meetings long before they were the norm and provided a safe and comfortable way to experience church and community with a baby who didn’t yet know about appropriate times to speak up and listen. Looking back, I am thankful for this happening because I’ve learned so much from Pastors Steven and Holly over the years, as well as the dedicated team of campus pastors who sometimes preach. They’ve provided me with a great foundation to jump from each week as I study and pray more on my own.

I belong to a local church as well, but Elevation Church is where I attend an eGroup and do life with others who love being connected with people from across the world instead of just those who are local. By being a part of both churches, I get the accountability and support of those nearby who can place eyes on me and help when there is a physical need that requires proximity, while also having the accountability and community with those from various backgrounds, years in the faith, and geographic locations. I’ve met several eFAM members in person and love that we have a bond that continues to grow despite geographic separation.

Since Elevation is published online in top quality, I have chosen to just share their sermons with my notes from them for this series. This will ensure consistency as well as quality if you choose to watch the videos. Additionally, Elevation has resources (such as Elevation YTH, Elevation Kids, and eGroups) that you can leverage from anywhere in the world, so it makes more sense to share them than to share sermons from my local church where all you could do is watch the sermon.

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