Sunday Sermons: “The X Factor” – Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church

January 30, 2022 – “The X Factor”

My Notes

Each week, I take notes in a notebook just for sermons from Elevation. I then summarize those notes in my Silk + Sonder journal. This allows me to quickly look back throughout the week at the scriptures and notes that stood out to me, while also showing me over the course of a year how various sermons spoke to me. When I go back and listen again, I see see how I’ve changed and how I am hearing new things.

For those of you who may not be able to read my writing or see the screen well, here they are:

  • The Paralytic at the Pool – John 5:1-5
  • How many times have you cut off your own air supply?
    • We do our own choke holds often.
  • Anywhere there is unbelief, Jesus will show up to confront it.
  • Your WHY is getting in your way.
    • Stop focusing on why you can’t.
    • Someone with your same issues is using them to explain why they did. Used it as a stepping stone.
  • STOP limiting truth based upon past experience.
  • Sometimes we must provoke what’s inside us so we stop thinking about what’s outside us.
  • Jesus meets you where you are.
  • Jesus is on porch for any issue you’re stuck with currently.
  • Jesus won’t walk by you to bless someone who “is better.” He’s stopping for you – lying stuck. But you must recognize Him and be ready to MOVE when He speaks.3
  • The X factors we use to stay stuck:
    • eXperience = Jesus gives true or false question but the man responds with an essay.
    • eXplain = stop trying to explain why you’re stuck. You must stop lying to yourself about why.
    • eXcuse = disabilities.
    • eXternals = not an excuse.
  • We do NOT need to explain our why to anyone – why we worship, why we believe.
  • What can I do better?
    • Must ask this so our x factor comes through vividly.
  • We add things God didn’t say to us to explain things we can’t understand.
    • Notice how v. 4 isn’t in many Bible translations. It was added after (about angel stirring water.)
  • Stop adding to what God said.
  • We excuse our disabilities.
  • We must ensure what we believe about God is by person of Jesus not man.
  • Don’t be afraid of self-confrontation.
  • God will show us how to explain the experience by faith.
  • Jesus wants to change your explanation.
  • Colossians 4:14
    • unworthy becomes worthy
    • unable becomes able
    • undetermined becomes determined
    • unloveable becomes loveable
  • Jesus cancelled with His own hand all that we believe that isn’t what God says. Believe by faith.
  • X = the cross when tilted.
  • Jesus paid it ALL.
  • Help IS here.

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The Series Details

Each Sunday I will share the sermon from four weeks ago. Why an old sermon? Because I don’t want to give you notes from the one that is fresh from that morning. You have all week to listen to that one yourself and attend the replays of the service if you’d like to (just visit their website or Facebook page for details). Instead, I am going to share ones that you have possibly seen already and will maybe glean new insight from as you [hopefully] watch again and then read my notes. Or maybe you have note heard the sermon yet because you don’t attend Elevation or haven’t even heard of them, in which case, grab a beverage, a notebook, a pen or pencil, and press play below so you can listen. Then check out my notes below and see if I heard or learned something different from you.

I always love how many people can hear the same sermon but walk away with different lessons. My hope in sharing this series is that you will be encouraged and walk in power because of what you learn. If you don’t believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, I invite you to listen anyway and see what you might walk away with that makes your week a bit better or you a bit stronger.

The thing I love most about Elevation and the pastors who speak there is that they all truly love Jesus enough to let God do the heavy lifting (meaning they share what they know and love and let Him do the rest). We all become stronger and better when we can lay aside what divides us and instead stand on what unites us. Here in this community, we are all united as creatives who are trying to do better, be better, and love better, and these messages can help us do that even if we listen from different belief systems.


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