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Sunday Sermons: “Planted Not Buried” by Transformation Church

When I tell you that this year has been one of those years you know you will look back on and see as a catalyst year yet while you are in it hurts more than anything, I am understating what a tough year it has been. It been one of those years where every time it looked like something great was going to happen, a devastation would come from the left. My pastor said he was impressed with my ability to withstand things that would have made others run into a cave… I don’t know that he realizes there have been days I’ve had my foot about to walk into that cave! So when I heard this series on being planted not buried and how the two look the same but are very different, let’s just say I took a LOT OF NOTES on this one! Get a few notebooks and pens ready, grab some water or coffee and get comfortable for a full day’s worth of videos! Binge watch these like your favorite Netflix show and you will definitely learn something new.

As with last week, I had pages of notes for each of these sermons. However, Transformation does do social media posts for their sermons consistently so I shared three points that stood out to me that weren’t part of the points the pastor speaking was making in his notes. I did this so it won’t ruin the sermon for you but could offer insight as to questions that the speaker asked or that I asked myself during the message, points that stood out in the subtext, or thoughts I had related to the material. Let’s get started!


Week One: Under Does Not Mean Over















Memorable Points:

  • If a tree is planted by the river banks, it never has to worry about whether it will rain. It has all it needs right from the river.
  • Your most creative idea hasn’t come yet.
  • Seeds can’t be destroyed due to their shell.

Week Two: Prepared to Plant

















Memorable Points:

  • Where are you and why are you there?
  • Harvest = hard part, much work; long hours, get very dirty pulling out the fruit.
  • What paths have you created for yourself?

Week Three: Planted and Under Fire









Memorable Points:

  • Am I bowing in any area?
  • What God has for you is worth letting Him do it and you not trying to do it for yourself.
  • Don’t uproot…say rooted and wait it out.

Week Four: Planted and Underfunded













Memorable Points:

  • We make excuses for what we can’t do because we don’t have resources.
  • Christian walk is about dependency not self-sufficiency.
  • We must trust Him to be our God. Is He MY God?

Week Five: Planted and Undervalued








Memorable Points:

  • Nobody will value you if YOU don’t value you.
  • Whether someone else co-signs us, if God called us, He called us.
  • God wants to refine and define you. Let him. Produce FROM your pain.

Week Six: Planted and Underqualified











Memorable Points:

  • We get paralyzed by what we think we don’t have.
  • We become afraid to go after the very thing we are called to conquer.
  • You already have ALL that you need. Trust Him to use it and be willing to use ALL that is within your hands.

Week Seven: Planted and Underestimated









Memorable Points:

  • Jesus made the crowd leave. Sometimes what needs to be done can’t have witnesses. It must be Jesus and you.
  • Must have faith for where you’re going.
  • God WILL finish it.

Week Eight: Planted Undercover






Memorable Points:

  • All words must be backed up by scriptural influence not just natural influence. Be weary of words given that don’t align with scripture.
  • You can’t lead people further than you’ve traveled yourself.
  • True apostolic covering ensures you can stand in the spotlight without blemish.


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