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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him and Her

Need some ideas for what to get that special someone on your list? Looking for a gift for family members? Here are some great suggestions…if I do say so myself (oops, I just did!).




I am a writer and Voice Discovery Coach who desires to help others reach new levels of creative expression in faith, family, business, and community. To do this, I maintain two blogs and have a website to share my professional services. The Essential Creative ( is my main blog. I share recipes, tips for inspiring creative thinking with various oils, parenting thoughts, healthy lifestyles thoughts, Bible Studies and all that goes into excelling creatively with the use of essential oils and faith. I also have a creative writing site ( where I share poetry and creative writing pieces. My website ( is available for those who would like to connect with my coaching services and learn more about voice discovery coaching. I look forward to connecting with you and hope one of these sites will inspire you in the area that caused you to find me today! ~Shell

12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him and Her

    1. They can do so much! If you’d ever like more info, let me know. I host classes and do one-on-one training too. I will be giving the website a bit of an overhaul soon so the various topics are easy to find. I am often amazed because there truly is an oil for almost everything!! Here, I focus on how they help us with creativity, but sometime dip into the wellness and other areas since I use them all around personally. Thanks for stopping by!

        1. Let’s connect! I will shoot you an email through your blog and we can work out a good time to talk or communicate through email, whichever you’re more comfortable with. I started using them with room sprays and never realized there were so many other benefits. Once I started learning, I was hooked!

    1. How about you and Maggie?! Still getting a kick out of my mistake there. I’ll tell you a little known fact, I don’t do it either. But some friends do and so I figured… I have these great graphics from the design team and hopefully someone will get some ideas and enjoy the day. Some folks love the Hallmark holidays. Me? Nah. Never have been big into any but Thanksgiving and Christmas due to the big family gatherings and sense of festivity.

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