Sunday Sermons: Your Recommendations Requested & “Sent Back” by Sarah Jakes Roberts (The Potter’s House at OneLA)

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Hey all! I had soooo many sermons this week to choose from. While listening, I realized that I don’t know about your favorite teachers and preachers. So far in this series (a year old next week!), I have shared the following churches and teachers / preachers / ministers:

  • Elevation Church (Steven Furtick)
    • Savage Jesus series (also includes Micahn Carter, Michael Todd, Wade Joye)
    • When It All Falls Apart (Lisa Harper)
    • Love Hard Even When it’s Hard Lisa Harper)
    • Chasing Contentment (Wade Joye)
  • Transformation Church (Michael Todd)
    • Planted Not Buried series (also includes Charles Metcalf, Tim Ross)
    • Release series
    • Ducks in a Row series (also includes Robert Morris)
    • How to Have Your Life Not Suck (Bianca Olthoff)
    • The Blessing of Basic
  • The Potter’s House at One LA & Potter’s House Denver (Toure & Sarah JakesRoberts)
    • The Year of Perspective (Toure Roberts)
    • Assembly Required (Sarah Jakes Roberts)
    • The Hollow Place (Sarah Jakes Roberts)
  • Relentless Church (John Gray)
    • The Waiting Room
  • Vous Church (Rich Wilkerson)
    • Even If (from Awakening Confernece)
  • Zoe Church (Chad Veach)
    • Tested, Tempted, Turned Around
  • Tony Evans
    • Stop Blocking Your Miracle
  • Hope City Church (Jeremy Foster)
    • Bring on the Blessings
  • Priscilla Shirer
    • Let Revival Begin with Me
  • Van Moody
    • Why Can’t I Open the Door
  • The Father’s House OC (Matt & Bianca Olthoff)
    • The Process of the Promise
    • How to Have Your Life Not Suck (at Together Church)
  • Together Church (Micahn Carter)
    • By Any Means Necessary
  • Change Church (Dharius Daniels)
    • I Quit Church series
  • Lisa Harper
    • When It All Falls Apart (at Elevation Church)
    • The Immutability of God (at James River Church)
    • Love Hard Even When it’s Hard (at Elevation Church)
  • Pastor YPJ
    • It’s Not in Vain
  • Fresh Life Church (Levi Lusko)
    • The Life You Get Stuck With
  • Trinity Church Cedar Hill (Robert Madu)
    • I’ve Seen This Before
  • Times for Various Online Campuses
  • LifeWater Church (Javier Santos)

If you want to listen to any of the above, you can do a quick YouTube search or go to the home page of this blog and click on the “Search keyword” bar. Enter the title and you’ll be able to see if from the blog. I didn’t want to make the post link heavy so I left them out.

Who are your favorite preachers and teachers? Do they have a link where I can check them out and listen online? I am going to start adding in some churches I streamed before it was the IN thing to do. I’d love to also add in some churches local to readers on the blog if you have favorites in your area. Drop your comments and links below or message me through my Contact Me page. I look forward to listening to some of your favorite minsters.


And for those who love what I share… here’s one more so you don’t go without this week!






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