Sweet Mug Set | Creative Holiday Gifts

Image with the details shown in this blog and an idea of what final gift will look like
  • Mug from Home Goods for $3.99 OR grab a 2-pack for $5 from Target dollar section! 
  • Young Living Maple Bath Bomb (pk of 3) $34.75 ($11.58 for each bath bomb) 
  • Chocolate bar from Target for $2.99 
  • Young Living Vanillamint Lip Balm from holiday collection (3pk) $13.50 (divided by 3 is just $4.50 each!) (These have been selling fast, so if sold out you can buy them individually for $4.25-4.50 each and do Cinnamint, Grapefruit, or Lavender.) 
  • Natural paper stuffing bought at Dollar Tree $1 per bag 

Around $23 for each mug gift set when assembled, and purchased at the wholesale price.

Buy 3 mugs so you can make 3 gift sets! Three really sweet gifts that are free from toxic chemicals for under $75? Yes, please!  If you aren’t a Young Living customer yet, purchase 2 bath bomb sets and 2 lip balm trios so you qualify for the discount.

Visit my YL site to buy this bundle today (takes you a link with only these products available to place in your cart to purchase). Then visit your favorite store for the mugs, chocolate, and paper stuffing and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t already work with a Young Living Brand Partner and would like to purchase these items and other items, visit Young Living’s main website and shop around. I’m here to support you with any help you’d like. Just send me a message.


The prices above are the prices for Brand Partners and current customers OR customers with at least a 100 PV order OR a Subscribe to Save order. By ordering two bath bomb packages and 2 lip balm trios, you’ll qualify for the 24% discount for a year and will be able to make 6 gifts!

If you order without the discount, the price for the products will be $17.76 for the Holiday Lip Balm set or $16.12 for the Lip Balm Trio, and $45.72 for the Sweet Maple Bath Bombs. That will bring the cost of the gift set to about $25 each.

Image showing Young Living oils, Einkorn Spaghetti, and Thieves veggie wash with details on finding me. 

Young Living Brand Partner #2298760


  1. I just absolutely love this idea, Shell! It’s so sweet, creative, but budget friendly too. What could be a better combination than that? Plus, like you said, it would be easy to customize this with a personalized mug from Etsy or somewhere similar. And, if you know the kinds of scents (etc) that your gift receiver likes, it’s all the more special. I’ve shared this on social with hopes that people will take you up on your offer. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this. You have the best ideas! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Holly! I love this one. We just gave two of them this weekend as friend gifts just because. We used Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm, homemade bath bombs following Young Living’s recipe (https://www.youngliving.com/blog/diy-spa-homemade-shower-bombs/), homemade chocolate bars made with Lily’s salted caramel chips, and a mug we decorated ourselves using the Declaration Dinnerware instructions I shared in the post. They were a hit. That’s why I like this one and the others I will be sharing this month! I’ll be sharing one every couple of days to give folks time to shop and put their own spin on the ideas!

      Thanks for your support and friendship. I love you lady!


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