Fun Family Activity: Tour Central Park

Central Park: 21 Playgrounds Full of Fun!

Looking for a great place to take the family this summer? Seeking a fun “tour” for your family vacation? Central Park offers many things to do. In this hub, I am focusing on my recommendation to make your visit fun for the entire family by touring the Park’s 21 playgrounds. I did this with my daughters in the summer of 2010. We spent four weekends in Central Park and still didn’t get to all of the playgrounds. However, the ones we went to provided us with hours of fun. From dawn til dusk, we enjoyed sliding down stone carved slides, running over wooden bridges, and jumping up and down on turf-filled trampolines. We stood under sprinklers, ran through bridges filled with water, and inched through tunnels on our bellies. Talk about making memories that will last a lifetime! Regardless of your age, you will find your inner child as you go back to the days of enjoying the playground. (And the parent in you will get a kick out of all the signs asking you not to steal the grass!)

The following photo journal is just one example of the many fun things you can do in a day-long visit to Central Park. To be fair to the rest of the park, I included photos from our stops between playgrounds, so you can see some of the other things you can enjoy while in the park.

To plan your trip today, go to the Central Park website (linked to the Things to Do page). If you’re worried about remaining calm and having a good time, bring along your Valor Roll On or Peace & Calming essential oil. They will keep the whole family in good sprits for the trip.

Here’s some pics from our trips. We didn’t take pictures each time so we only caught a couple playgrounds, but it shows you how even the older kids enjoyed themselves while the little one was in playground heaven!



EDIT – Here are some more recent photos to show what you can do when the kids are older. We went to the Central Park Zoo, Dylan’s Candy Bar, and walked the streets a bit to see the city.



This was my daughter’s face when she learned we were ending the day with The American Girl store. It was their last weekend in NYC at their current store so they were having a great sale!


You can’t beat the view at the Park looking into the City.


Next stop, Central Park Zoo! But it wouldn’t be complete with a FUN PHOTO:



And then we stepped outside the park to Dylan’s Candy Bar. You must check this place out!



    1. I have crowd anxiety and actually do really well if I bring the right mix of oils and stay hydrated! It’s a beautiful place during Christmas!


    1. I live in CT. But we love to go into the city. It’s such a fun place to visit. Please do see Central Park. This really just covers the fun of the playgrounds but there is so much that adults can do as well! The zoo!! The park. I have some fun more recent photos that completely escaped my mind when writing this of our family at Dylan’s Candy Bar and in the Central Park Zoo!!

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