Sunday Sermons: “The Blessing of Basic” by Michael Todd (v01 Conference @ Transformation Church)

Some real talk about faith and the practice of remaining encouraged when it gets hard. I love that he talks about being basic and how there is a blessing in doing what you have with what you have. I feel like this is a recurring message lately in many ways – not just in the Christian circle but even among coaches and motivational speakers. Grab a pen and paper, some chai or tea, and listen to Pastor Michael Todd share how your basic life can be a blessing.









  1. Shell– this is the third time God has shown up today with a repeat from something I have done with him or said to him and then it is repeated in another setting. This sermon I was lead to at mid day. I began it but couldn’t hear it with other things going on. Now I turn on my computer and your post is the first in my feed tonight. I guess God is confirming this is a message I need to listen to. THANK YOU.

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    1. Yes!! It was soooo good! I’ve been seeing it all week and tonight remembered that I didn’t schedule a Sunday sermon post ahead of time, so it was clear which one was going up! I listened to it and was like oh my. Tell me he hasn’t been reading some private journals! Hahaha Love when God moves so boldly and clearly!

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