Fireside Chat with William D. Holland: The Art of Writing

In this edition of the Fireside Chats for The Essential Creative, William D Holland and I talk about his writing and transition from retirement into writing full-time and now offering affordable writing coaching services.
In this hour-long chat, we discuss Bill’s writing career, thoughts on writing, and the dark side we all have but sometimes don’t admit. While I ask questions in these chats, they are a chance to listen in as two creatives talk about whatever comes to mind. In each chat, something comes to the surface that causes viewers to reflect on their life.
In this chat, I loved how we spent time talking about dark sides of humanity. Do you have a dark side you don’t admit? What do you use for your outlet? Bill shares how he releases his dark side through writing and explores the dark side of humanity. Through his Shadows series, he explores characters who are just like you and me but harbor some dark secrets. Learn how Bill develops characters and what he recommends to writers today.
Bill can be found online at (Amazon Author Page) and (his blog).
I hope you enjoy listening in as much as we enjoyed filming this!






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