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Simple & Sweet Happy New Year Wish

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. I appreciate you coming to read, comment, like, and share the posts and thoughts I’ve shared. I look forward to a great 2019 here at The Essential Creative!

Let’s all believe for a truly creative and wonderful year rising to new heights with our creative projects! If you have a blog about faith, family, business, or community, share your link in the comments so I can be sure to follow you and connect with those who will be a great fit for collaborations this year. I’ll be looking for guest posts and other types of collaborations. More on 2019 plans coming by the 7th!

From our family to yours,

Happy New Year!

~Shell & Ali


I am a writer and Voice Discovery Coach who desires to help others reach new levels of creative expression in faith, family, business, and community. To do this, I maintain two blogs and have a website to share my professional services. The Essential Creative ( is my main blog. I share recipes, tips for inspiring creative thinking with various oils, parenting thoughts, healthy lifestyles thoughts, Bible Studies and all that goes into excelling creatively with the use of essential oils and faith. I also have a creative writing site ( where I share poetry and creative writing pieces. My website ( is available for those who would like to connect with my coaching services and learn more about voice discovery coaching. I look forward to connecting with you and hope one of these sites will inspire you in the area that caused you to find me today! ~Shell

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